Author: Kurt Helin


Draymond Green launches “It’s cool Glen” line of T-shirts in latest banter between him, Doc Rivers


It all started after the Warriors beat the Clippers in their last meeting. Draymond Green was doing the usual postgame interview, when the Clippers’ Dahntay Jones walked into the frame and bumped Green mid-interview.

Jones was fined $10,000 for the action, but then Clippers coach Doc Rivers stuck up for his player questioning Green’s toughness. Green laughed when he heard this and called Rivers’ “Glen” (his given name) in a radio interview. Rivers responded he was just happy he could still get under a player’s skin.

Now Green is taking that a step further — how would you like a “cool story Glen” T-shirts, which went on sale Friday.

Here is what they look like:


That is the phrase Green used in the radio interview. From Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group:

“I approved it,” Green said Friday, the morning after the release of the line of “Cool Story, Glenn” shirts on Athlete Originals that includes three different designs. “A lot of fans kept asking me for it, so the person who runs my store thought that it would be a good idea…

“It’s not for a lack of respect,” Green said. “I respect him. It’s fun. Throughout the course of the season, you find things that’s funny. You have to. It’s just fun. It’s no disrespect.”

Not so coincidentally, Green and the Warriors face off against a Doc Rivers’ Clippers on Tuesday night.

I truly hope these teams meet in the playoffs.

No Durant, what does that mean for Thunder in these playoffs? Trouble.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

Kevin Durant isn’t going to play basketball again until next season now that he will have his third surgery on his right foot in a year.

One other fact: The Thunder will still make the playoffs as the eight seed in the West this season. They have a three-game lead over the Phoenix Suns with 10 games to play. Mathematically they can blow that lead, but the reality is with Russell Westbrook playing at an MVP level (even though Stephen Curry will win the award) the Thunder are not going to blow that lead. They are in.

Next question: What are the Thunder’s prospects in the playoffs?

Poor. Terrible. Nonexistent. About the same as Katy Perry inviting Lady Gaga over for dinner.

There are a few reasons for this.

Number one is injuries — remember Serge Ibaka is out still recovering from knee surgery. He should be back around the start of the playoffs, maybe part of the way into the first round, but even when he first returns he’s not at 100 percent. Combine that with Durant being out, and now two-thirds of OKC’s core is not there or not 100 percent. Westbrook is superhuman, but even he can’t cover that.

Second, the Thunder defense has gone the way of the Dodo. It’s extinct. In their last 15 games, the Thunder have allowed 109.4 points per 100 possessions on defense, second worst in the NBA in that stretch. This ties back to injuries to a degree — Ibaka is the defensive anchor of this team, Durant is long and can be disruptive on that end of the court. But some of the moves the Thunder made to add depth added to this — Enes Kanter puts up points but is a turnstile defensively. (Notice that Scott Brooks tried to pair Kanter with Ibaka for a reason, before the injury). The Thunder just can’t stop anyone.

Finally, they will play Golden State in the first round. The Warriors are for real. They have statistically the best offense and best defense in the NBA this season. It’s not Curry vs. the world; they roll out a very versatile lineup that can go small (Draymond Green at the five) or bigger (Andrew Bogut is key to them on both ends). Steve Kerr and staff can figure out what you can’t defend, and then they can throw good players at it. At full strength, this could have been the best 1/8 matchup in NBA history. As it is, Golden State is going to win comfortably.

Then Oklahoma City needs to turn its attention to next season — they have one more year to win a title, making it much harder for Kevin Durant to walk away in the summer of 2016.

Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell discuss what’s in James Harden’s beard (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets v New Orleans Pelicans

This weekend, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell’s new movie “Get Hard” hits theaters.

This Sunday, the Houston Rockets and MVP candidate James Harden take on the Washington Wizards on ABC, one of the NBA’s national, marquee game.

The NBA, not one to miss out on cross promotion opportunities, got Hart and Ferrell to talk about Harden’s legendary beard, plus who would win an arm wrestling match between Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat. (Howard may be stronger but do you have any doubt Gortat wins that?)

It’s pretty amusing, so we pass it along. And go see “Get Hard,” you know it’s going to be better than anything from that teen-aimed Divergent series.