Author: Kurt Helin

DeAndre Jordan, Evan Turner

DeAndre Jordan with a ridiculous alley-oop finish, even for him (VIDEO)


We have become desensitized to alley-oops from Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin. We’ve seen so many amazing ones they seem routine.

But even for Jordan, this one is pretty spectacular. That pass was up in the rafters and behind him, just didn’t matter.

The Clippers put the beat down on the Celtics, leading by 35 at one point. Then Doc Rivers tried to play his bench. Then that lead shrunk to 13 points, and the Clippers had to bring their starters back in. Then came hack-a-DJ. The Clippers still won, but it was a lot harder than it should have been.


Sad news: Craig Sager announces his cancer has returned

Nebraska v Baylor

It was just a few weeks back we were all celebrating the return of Craig Sager and his legendary suits to the sidelines of TNT games. The popular sideline reporter had been out 11 months battling leukemia but had made it all the way back.

Sunday afternoon came some sad news: Sager’s cancer has returned.

His son Craig Sager II made the announcement.

Every basketball fan is behind Sager and his family right now, with thoughts and prayers flowing his way.

I can’t wait until he beats it again and returns to the sideline with his entertaining brand of optimistic reports. And, of course, those suits.

Enes Kanter soaks up Jazz fans’ boos, but Thunder lose

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz

Enes Kanter described his time in Utah as three and a half years of frustration and said at shootaround Saturday, “I’m definitely happy that I’m part of the Oklahoma City team like that, a winner team…. It wasn’t just basketball stuff. It was just professionalism. After I see OKC, then I was like, this is how NBA teams are.”

You knew that was not going to sit well with the loyal fans in Utah. They let Kanter hear it with a rain of boos — and he soaked it up WWE style.

The Jazz are 13-7 since they traded Kanter and are playing the best defense in the NBA in that stretch. Kanter and the Thunder are still fighting to make the playoffs out West. The mature move would have been to not motivate a team you need to beat in the dog days of the season. But Kanter wasn’t mature, he made this about himself and him getting to vent.

Gordon Hayward said after the game the comments did motivate the Jazz, who won 94-89.

Kanter could be frustrated with the previous coaching staff in Utah, but he had a chance at a fresh start under Quin Snyder this season. Yet, because he is a weak defender Kanter became the third wheel of the big man rotation (behind Derrick Favors and the emerging Rudy Gobert). His issues should not be with anybody but himself. He’s always been able to score, and because the Thunder need post scoring he’s putting up career-best numbers with them, but his defense remains a serious issue for OKC. There was a reason Scott Brooks tried to pair him constantly with Serge Ibaka, but that’s not an option anymore (Ibaka is out following knee surgery). I’m happy for Kanter that he feels he’s in a better place now, but he did not handle his return to Utah well at all.