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Stephen Curry says Warriors not concerned by recent “speed bumps” (VIDEO)


The Golden State Warriors still are not right. Stephen Curry is still not right.

To hold on to the No. 1 seed with Kevin Durant out, the Warriors need the MVP-level Curry of the last couple seasons, yet in his last seven games, he has hit 23-of-78 from three,  29.5 percent. Overall he is shooting 40.8 percent. While he had a better fourth quarter Monday night (3-of-5 from three) it took a Draymond Green Defensive Player of the Year mixtape game to beat the Sixers at home.

But as Curry told me Monday, there is no panic in the Warriors’ locker room over the recent “speed bumps.”

Will Dwyane Wade be a Chicago Bull next season?

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Dwyane Wade has expressed his frustration with the Bulls this season — both with teammates and management. He’s also not seeming to take head coach Fred Hoiberg very seriously. It all points to a big question:

Will Dwyane Wade be a Chicago Bull next season?

He has said he will consider opting out, but will not make any call until the season is over.

I can think of 23.8 million reasons Wade could be back as a Bull next season — that is how much his player option is for, and it’s unlikely he would make that much on the open market (although he could get a multi-year deal and more security). Also, Chicago is his hometown and he has been active off the court in his city, he may not want to walk away from that. He may not want to leave playing with Jimmy Butler.

Rival executives are not so convinced that’s enough, reports Ken Berger of Bleacher Report (in a must-read piece about the dysfunction in Chicago).

Wade, 35, has a player option for next season. Given the tumult in Chicago, rival executives believe it’s reasonable to expect Wade may want out—despite the $23.8 million he is owed if he stays.

The question is, how strong would the market for a 35-year-old two guard with questionable knees be? He is averaging 18.8 points a game, he can still create shots for himself and others, and he’s still a good player on the perimeter. He has real value, but how much will teams pay for it?

There are some contending teams — Cavaliers, Clippers, others — that would have an interest in Wade as a free agent, but only if he was willing to take a considerable pay cut. To use the examples cited, LeBron James may not care, but Cavaliers already have the NBA’s highest payroll. The Clippers need to shell out this summer to retain Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and J.J. Redick (all of whom would be more important on the court to the Clippers than Wade).

What other teams are out there might offer remains to be seen.

Wade likely has not made up his mind yet, he will get to the off-season then make his call. He’s going to need to decide what matters most to him in the balance of money/winning/playing with friends. He can’t have everything, so what is it that drives him now?

Fan sends Dirk Nowitzki a potato with his picture on it. You can’t make this stuff up.


NBA players get some odd fan mail. Because the NBA has some odd fans.

But I can’t remember anything like this:

Dirk Nowitzki Tweeted out a photo of a potato he was sent, with his picture emblazoned across it.

I’d make a joke here, but there are literally no good potato jokes.

Nets’ Caris LeVert with steal then transition slam (VIDEO)

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Good things are happening in Brooklyn. Mostly in the food scene, but a few things on the basketball court at the Barclays’ Centre, too.

For example, there is Caris LeVert, who is looking like a player.

The Nets got crushed by the Thunder and Nets fans were openly rooting for Westbrook. But LeVert was still making plays, like the steal and dunk above. It’s something to cheer for, besides the opposing team

Spurs’ LaMarcus Aldridge cleared by doctors, can return to Spurs lineup tonight

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When San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge was sidelined with a heart arrhythmia, it was scary — that can be potentially serious.

But the Spurs weren’t kidding when they called it “minor” at the time, he has already been cleared to return to action after missing just two games, the team announced Wednesday. He does not have any restrictions.

“We are thankful that LaMarcus will be able to rejoin the team,” said Spurs General Manager RC Buford. “All of us have been impressed with the professionalism and grace he has shown in dealing with this difficult situation.”

Team doctors first noticed an occurrence of a minor heart arrhythmia in Oklahoma City on March 9. After that he was monitored and underwent a battery of tests and exams, while team doctors consulted with experts. A heart arrhythmia is when the heart beats too fast, too slow or irregularly — the sensation is that of a “fluttering” heart or a heart that is racing. It means the electrical impulses that control the heart beats are off, but the causes and severity can of this problem can vary widely.

Aldridge will suit up for the Spurs against the Trail Blazers Wednesday night. Aldridge was an All-Star and an All-NBA player last season who is averaging 19.1 points and 8.3 rebounds a game for the Spurs this season. San Antonio is just half a game back of the Warriors for the top seed in the West (and the NBA), and the two teams are tied in the loss column.