Author: Kurt Helin

BBVA & BBVA Compass With Kevin Durant And James Harden Ring The NYSE Opening Bell

PBT Extra: Why will there be NBA Players’ Choice Awards? Will people care?


Kevin Durant made the sentiment public — players don’t like that the media gets to vote for MVP and other awards — but he is far from the only person to think it.

In steps Michelle Roberts, the new head of the players’ union, with the Players’ Choice Awards — NBA players are going to vote their own MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and so on.

The first question may be will anyone care? However, I think the bigger point here is this is another step in Roberts trying to ingratiate herself with the rank and file players (and particularly the big stars) because she’s going to need them to have her back when the 2017 lockout turns nasty.

If there’s a hole in the plot, Rajon Rondo walks out of the movie

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

Part of the movie going experience is to suspend belief and jump into the world of the characters, of the film maker. We believe that there is a matrix. We don’t question how in Ocean’s 11 (the George Clooney/Brad Pitt one) they get all those fliers down into the vault that get carried out as the fake money. We just let things go.

Not Rajon Rondo.

In a fantastic story for ESPN about how Rondo’s mind works — and questioning if you can build a team around that — Baxter Holmes gets Rondo talking about movies and how he can’t just suspend belief. (Hat tip Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie.)

Provide him with bad information? “Your credibility is shot,” Rondo says. And if he doesn’t buy the narrative, even off the floor, he’ll bail, he’ll disengage, as he does on movies whose storylines stray from logic, even for a moment. His last theater walkout: The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington. “I didn’t understand how he got the cop’s number,” Rondo says, referencing a certain scene. “It was just too much.” He recently watched the movie again to see if he could stomach it. He couldn’t.

Picking apart the flaws of the Equalizer is a Homer Simpson level mental challenge. Can’t blame Rondo here, and at least he gave the film a second chance.

Rondo’s confidence and his unshakable belief in what he sees as the right way to do things makes him difficult to play with, but also makes him like some of the greatest players of all time (Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc.). The question teams need to ask themselves during free agency this season, is Rondo’s talent level worth that locker room challenge? More than a few teams will answer that it will. Is Dallas one of those?

Watch Stephen Curry drop 45 on Portland (VIDEO)

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry couldn’t miss.

That seems to happen a lot but the Trail Blazers got the worst of it as he dropped 45 on them — 19 in the fourth quarter — to lead Golden State to another victory, 116-105.

Portland struggled to defend Curry well, 70 percent of his shots were uncontested (according to data from the Sports VU cameras, via Not that it mattered, he hit 5-of-7 on the ones the Blazers did contest.

Among those shots Curry hit was a three to give him the most made three-pointers in an NBA season, breaking his own record from last season. He’s up to 276 on the season, with four games remaining. Then he’ll just keep doing his thing in the playoffs.