Author: Kurt Helin

Dwight Howard, Dan Crawford, Blake Griffin

Dwight Howard ejected from Rockets’ ugly loss to Clippers (VIDEO)


LOS ANGELES — Not much went right for Dwight Howard on Sunday night.

He picked up two fouls in 3:40 of the first quarter and spent the rest of that quarter on the bench. He picked up a third in the second quarter (and a technical foul), and by the time he picked up the next couple in the third the Clippers had been blown the game wide open.

Then early in the fourth Howard picked up a sixth foul for a bump on Blake Griffin in transition. In frustration he threw the ball at the referees feet (and may have said something as well).

He got a quick second technical and was tossed. He was gone anyway with the sixth foul.

“It’s frustrating,” Howard said after the game of his foul trouble. “I’m emotional playing in the playoffs, I want to win so bad, you know it’s frustrating. I just have to keep a more even keel.”

At least he didn’t have to hang around and watch the painful fourth quarter of a 128-95 Clippers wins. Rockets’ fans wish they didn’t have to watch it, either.

Austin Rivers show continues in LA, he scores over Dwight Howard (VIDEO)

Austin Rivers

LOS ANGELES — This was my favorite line on twitter after the above play.

Austin Rivers continues to put on a show against the defenseless Rockets, and that includes crossing over Pablo Prigioni and scoring over Dwight Howard.

He is just fun to watch right now and playing with so much more confidence than every before in the NBA.

LeBron James rolls ankle when Derrick Rose takes charge, Mark Cuban calls for charge rule change

Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

In the end, it didn’t stop LeBron James. He still called his own number then hit the game-winning jumper from the corner.

But near the end of the second quarter LeBron sprained his ankle when Derrick Rose stepped in to take a charge in transition.

“I rolled it pretty good,” LeBron said after the game. “I haven’t had an opportunity to see the replay, but I know I rolled it pretty good when I stepped on D-Rose’s foot in transition. I wasn’t coming out. I felt it on the floor for a while, and I just took my time. I was not coming out not only because of the position our team was in but because of who I am as the leader of the team. I was going to fight through it no matter what.”

I’d have ruled that a block. Bulls’ fans no doubt see it differently.

But should those kinds of step-in charges even be in the game? Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban says no.

I don’t know if this is as pressing as looking at whether divisions should still exist, or if hack-a-whoever should be banned (it should if you ask me), but it’s a topic worth discussing.