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Jimmy Butler comes to Dwyane Wade’s youth camp and there is nothing but love


The NBA news cycle has slowed down, and about the only time players are speaking to the media right now is at events like the recent NBA Africa game, or at a player’s youth camp that is going on.

Dwyane Wade held his in Chicago this week and Jimmy Butler — the former Bull traded this summer to Minnesota — kept his promise to come. That led to a lot of love from Wade.

With Butler gone, the question becomes will Wade take a discount on his $23.8 million salary and take a buyout from the Bulls so he can go to another team? So far the answer is no, but that could change as we get closer to training camp or, more likely, around the trade deadline.

Watch Shaq make a one-handed shot while sitting down in the bleachers


Shaq is a showman.

The Hall of Fame basketball player turned Inside the NBA analyst and foil to Charles Barkley, put this up on Instagram Sunday, showing he’s still got it.


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Insert your own “but he couldn’t make a free throw” joke here.

Details of Clippers’ Willie Reed domestic violence charge come out


On Thursday, the Clippers formally signed Willie Reed to a minimum contract to back up DeAndre Jordan next season in Los Angeles.

Sunday morning, Reed was arrested in Miami on a battery charge tied to domestic violence against his wife. Reed spent some time in jail then was released on $1,500 bail for the misdemeanor charge.

Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel has details on the charges.

According to the arrest report, Reed grew upset after his wife told him that she wanted a divorce, with an argument following on the balcony of the condo. A struggle then ensued, when Reed’s wife took her purse and her husband attempted to take it away….

Reed’s wife said she was knocked to the ground while attempting to take her purse. Jasmine Reed said Willie Reed also grabbed her by the shirt, hair, wrist and arm. She said she then struck her husband with a glass candle.

According to the arrest report, Jasmine Reed, “had red marks on her left wrist, right bicep, the right side of her chest and her back and swelling on her left foot.”

This all took place in the presence of the couple’s young child, according to the report. As part of his release, Reed is not allowed to contact his wife.

Brodrick Turner at the Los Angeles Times contacted Reed’s attorney, who said that his client did not hit his wife in the incident.

Reed’s attorney, David Oscar Markus, added that, “Willie will continue to cooperate with the authorities, the Clippers, and with the league so that they have all of the facts regarding this misdemeanor allegation.”

The Clippers released a statement:

“We are aware of the situation in Miami regarding Willie Reed, and are working to determine the facts around the situation.”

The NBA’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement has a section on players’ domestic violence that provides counseling to prevent future occurrences, and the league can refer players to that program as part of the discipline for the incident. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also can fine and suspend Reed if he is found or pleads guilty. I would argue in the past the league has been too lenient on this issue (same with DUIs), but we will see how it plays out.

Reed will be going through the legal process in this case as he moves through the NBA season.

Reed opted out of his contract with the Heat, one of many NBA players who saw the big money splashed around in 2016 and thought they would cash in, only to find a very tight market. Reed ended up taking a one-year, minimum deal with the Clippers for $1.5 million.

Young new head of Bucks basketball says he has final say, not Jason Kidd

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Jason Kidd ended up in Milwaukee when his power play in Brooklyn to get front office power failed. With the Bucks, he has had influence on player personnel moves and has reportedly pushed for more.

So when Milwaukee ownership hired 34-year-old Jon Horst as the new head of basketball operations, there were questions about who is running the show. Horst, in a Q&A on NBA.com, left no doubt he is the man in charge.

NBA.com: With all due respect, people will be watching to see if you have the heft to say “no” to Jason Kidd or to the owners who are signing your paycheck. How you address those concerns?

JH: Obviously, ownership is ownership. Jason Kidd is our coach. They’re going to be involved in everything we do. But in taking this job, we talked about these things. Ultimately, I’ve been hired to run the basketball operations for the Milwaukee Bucks, to have the final say and to make the final decisions. I’m going to operate as such, and I have their support in doing that. The only way you can really set aside those concerns is by living it every day and watching the transactions unfold.

We will see how it unfolds, because the step from potentially a great team to becoming a contender are the hardest ones.

Horst has some tough decisions ahead to take those steps. They have the young superstar in Giannis Antetokounmpo, quality role players around him such as Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker, Tony Snell, and Malcolm Brogdon. The questions now are how well all they can all fit together, how many more long strides can the Greek Freak take forward, how can this gambling defensive team become more solid on that end, and what changes are needed for this team to move forward from 42 wins?

There are going to need to be players shifted and brought in to fit around Antetokounmpo. Horst — consulting with Kidd — has some serious work to do in the coming years.

Watch Kyrie Irving yell at teammate after turnover in pickup game


Kyrie Irving is preparing to run his own team — and he’s going to be a hard-driving, Kobe-like task master. Apparently.

At least that’s one take away from a video that surfaced from Irving getting some run in a pick-up game in New Jersey — the All-Star lets a teammate have it for a turnover.

If you want an Irving trade update… there is no real update. The Cavaliers are asking a lot and no team is offering as much back as they want, so things remain in limbo. There are teams talking, but nothing serious has seemed to bubble up yet. It would be awkward but not a shock if Irving is still a Cavalier when training camp starts, he may want out but the Cavs are not obligated to trade him.