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Minnesota goes bright, bold with new “statement” jersey. Warriors do also.


Nike — which has taken over the NBA’s uniform and apparel contracts starting this season — has rolled out some good new looks. Such as bringing back the original teal in Charlotte.

Friday Nike rolled out the 30 “Statement” jerseys for each team — and a few teams are making a real statement with them.

None more so than the Timberwolves.

That’s some 1980s neon throwback fashion there. I just hope on the nights the team wears these coach Tom Thibodeau has a matching tie. Where did that look come from? Well…

While most teams went with a fresh variation of their existing uniforms, a few went out of the box. The Warriors did, not in the color scheme way of Minnesota, but it’s a different look for Golden State.

Here’s a group shot where you can see a number of the “statement” jerseys.

A few of these I really like, such as the Thunder’s statement.

But Minnesota… damn.

Report: “Little resistance” to Commissioner’s player rest plans

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It’s possible NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is not going to get his way on lottery reform. He most likely will, a majority of owners voted for it two years ago (but it needed a two-thirds supermajority), and now Silver is selling this new, less drastic version as something the league needs from a public relations standpoint. But once those owners of small and mid-sized market teams get in a room, they may be hesitant to vote for something that hurts them more than big markets.

What we know those owners will vote for is to give Silver real power to fine teams who sit multiple star players for a game, or who give a healthy scratch to a player in a big nationally televised game. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN put it this way.

And make no mistake: Silver will be aggressive in making sure he gets the two-thirds majority of the owners’ votes needed to fine teams for sitting healthy star players in national television games or multiple healthy starters in regular-season games, and for failing to make a star player sitting out visually accessible to fans on the bench…

While yes, the NBA is sensitive to the ticket-buying public losing out on the chance to see LeBron James or Stephen Curry on a once-a-season trip out of their conference, this is ultimately a television-revenue issue. The network games on ABC, ESPN and TNT were punctured when the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs turned national appearances into split-squad spring training games. Silver has been hellbent on a solution…

The resting rules have been met with little resistance. Silver has mostly sold it to owners as an economic issue. He has warned that the NBA’s future revenues and growth are directly tied to solving the resting issue, because that problem ultimately threatens regular-season and playoff ratings — never mind the cumulative cost of eroding interest in the sport.

We can debate if regular season player rest would impact postseason playoff ratings, but the rest of high-profile players in high-profile games is legit. I’m fortunate enough to be a guest on a number of sports talk radio shows around the nation during the NBA season, and the issue of resting players is a constant topic and black eye for the league. I can make the case for why teams are smart to do it — multiple studies have shown rested players both perform better on the court and are less likely to be injured — but in a star-driven league, it just looks bad when fans can’t see who they paid or tuned in to watch. With the schedule spaced out more, Silver has leverage to push teams not to sit guys for the most high-profile games. This is not a cure-all — if a team wants to rest a player they still will, they will just say the player has a sore ankle or back and needs the night off — but it’s a good step.

Resting players is a much bigger PR issue than tanking, and on this one Silver will get his way.

Scan tag on new Nike jerseys, get highlights of that player on your phone

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Welcome to the 2017 NBA, when a jersey isn’t just a thing you wear, it’s how to get highlights of your favorite players.

Nike has taken over the NBA’s uniform contract this year and rolled out some new and classic looks. Some jerseys even make a statement (there’s a new statement jersey for every team).

But these are more than just a jersey, they can bring you highlights of your favorite player, too. Darren Rovell of ESPN has the details.

In taking over the NBA apparel deal, Nike announced on Friday that scanning the jersey’s “jock tag” with a phone will offer the most recent highlights of that specific player and their team. Doing it on game day will unlock offers specific to that player or team, including limited shoe releases.

The new system, called NikeConnect, is part of both the Swingman jersey and the authentic jerseys that will be available for fans to purchase for $110 and $200, respectively, on Sept. 29.

Buy a player’s jersey, scan the code and you can also give that player a boost on NBA 2K18.

It’s going to take the latest technology, an iPhone 7 or later, to play along (or Android with NFC capability.

As it works with modern technology, the information flow is two ways. You get clips or deals, Nike gets information about the people who bought the jersey and where they scanned in from.

On day NBA 2K18 release day, watch latest trailer for game

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Happy NBA 2K Day.

Sure, players are squabbling about their ranking — play well and the 2K team will raise it, otherwise shut it — but the game is out and the fun for NBA gamers and junkies has begun.

Savor it with the latest trailer from NBA 2K.

Report: Bucks agree to one-year, $2.3 million contract with Jason Terry

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This was expected after the Bucks waived Spencer Hawes, but now it is all but official.

Jason Terry – who turned 40 on Friday —  is returning to the Bucks. Shams Charania of the Vertical at Yahoo Sports broke the story.

Terry played  74 games for the Bucks last season, averaging more than 18 minutes a night, and he can still space the floor as he shot 42 percent from three. At this point in his career, The Jet is limited in other aspects of his game, but he can give the Bucks some veteran depth and points. Milwaukee will start Tony Snell at the two with both Rashad Vaughn and Sterling Brown in the mix next, Terry will fit in that group and contribute.