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Dwight Howard
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Report: Dwight Howard not seeking trade from Rockets


Dwight Howard may or may not be happy with the Rockets.

But does he want Houston to trade him?

Happy players sometimes want to be dealt, and unhappy players sometimes want to stay. These are often complex situations.

Calvin Watkins of ESPN:

While acknowledging Howard is unhappy with losing, sources said Howard has not expressed a desire to be traded.

Of course, it’s not Howard’s call whether the Rockets trade him.

Houston reportedly believes he’ll opt out this summer, and as much decline as he has shown, he’ll likely still draw major – maybe even max – offers. Do the Rockets want to tie up that much money over the next several years on a center who’s already on the wrong side of 30?

They’d surely be more inclined to keep him now if they were winning. Whether he walks or re-signs this summer, maybe he’d help them achieve something significant this season first.

But that ship is sailing as Houston continues to struggle, and Howard’s potential replacement – Clint Capelalooks good.

If Howard wants out, the Rockets should probably try to trade him and get something in return before he hits free agency.

But even if Howard isn’t pushing for a deal now, Houston still ought to explore the trade market.

Reports: Kings, Celtics haven’t even discussed DeMarcus Cousins trade

David Lee, DeMarcus Cousins
Associated Press
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Remember that report that the Heat, Celtics and Bulls are interested in trading for DeMarcus Cousins?

Miami already denied any intent to trade Hassan Whiteside – who’d be the logical centerpiece of any Cousins swap – for the Kings center.

It doesn’t appear Boston is hot on the trail, either.

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

Sam Amick of USA Today:

Bulpett is well-connected in Boston, Amick in Sacramento. I tend to trust them on this.

The Kings have given little indication they’d deal Cousins anywhere. If it comes to it – and it might not – Sacramento would reportedly fire George Karl before trading Cousins. The Kings seem more committed to Cousins than any other aspect of their organization.

If that changes, the Celtics – loaded with draft picks and a few intriguing players – would be a logical trade partner. But at this point, everything sounds hypothetical.

Lights go off just before Blake Griffin free throw (video)

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The Clippers didn’t get much home-court advantage early against the Bucks last night, the lights going dim just before Blake Griffin shot a free throw.

I love how Griffin shot anyway, made it and hustled back on defense ready to keep it moving. Of course, if he had missed, he’d be the loudest complainer for a do-over.

The officials made Griffin re-take the shot, which he made, and the Clippers rolled to a 103-90 win.

NBA’s slowest player blocks NBA’s fastest player on fastbreak (video)


John Wall has called himself the NBA’s fastest player.

Kyle Anderson is so slow, his nickname is literally “Slo Mo.”

Yet, Anderson blocked Wall from behind on the fastbreak last night.

Sure, Anderson had a big head start and Wall got past him. But Wall didn’t gain enough separation, which is just astonishing given the players’ athleticism difference.

Though the Wizards got the ball back and scored, they still lost by 19 to the Spurs.