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LeBron James dunks on Markieff Morris (video)

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I’m not sure whether Markieff Morris actually wanted to contest this shot or just get out of the way.

But LeBron James hit the gas at just the right moment, forcing Morris to do nothing but offer a half-hearted rim protection.

And this wasn’t even LeBron’s best play in the Cavaliers’ win over the Wizards.

Report: Timberwolves signing Lance Stephenson to 10-day contract

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The Cavaliers reportedly narrowed their playmaker search to players willing to accept 10-day contracts, leaving Jordan Farmar and Lance Stephenson from their four-man workout. Farmar got the edge, though Cleveland hasn’t yet signed him.

As for Stephenson, he’s headed elsewhere.

Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports:

Given how much pressure LeBron James put on the Cavs to add a playmaker, there will be eyes on Stephenson. Did Cleveland correctly bypass him?

Stephenson could play in Minnesota, with Zach LaVine out for the year. But with the Timberwolves so far out of playoff position (4.5 games and five teams), it’s a curious fit. Minnesota president/coach Tom Thibodeau is trying to establish a culture in his first season, and Stephenson, while talented, has often brought attitude problems with him.

Still, it’s just a 10-day deal. What’s the worst that could happen?

Dennis Rodman gets probation in freeway crash

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SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been sentenced to three years informal probation and 30 hours of community service for a crash on a California freeway.

The Orange County district attorney’s office says Rodman pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor counts of driving across a dividing section, giving false information to a police officer and driving without a valid license. He also must pay restitution.

Prosecutors say Rodman was traveling north in a southbound carpool lane on July 20 on Interstate 5 in Santa Ana, forcing a sedan to swerve into a dividing wall to avoid a collision.

Rodman’s lawyer Paul S. Meyer says the freeway entrance was poorly marked and community service was appropriate.

Meyer says a hit-and-run charge against Rodman was dropped.

DeMarcus Cousins quickest player ever to suspension-triggering 16th technical foul (video)

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The NBA’s current technical-foul policy — which suspends players one game for their 16th technical and another game for every other tech after each season — has resulted in eight suspensions since being implemented before the 2005-06 season, according to Patricia Bender’s database:

  • Rasheed Wallace 2006-07: March 10
  • Rasheed Wallace 2006-07: March 24
  • Stephen Jackson 2008-09: March 16
  • Dwight Howard 2010-11: March 5
  • Dwight Howard 2010-11 April 7
  • DeMarcus Cousins 2013-14: April 14
  • Blake Griffin 2013-14: April 16
  • DeMarcus Cousins 2015-16: March 31

DeMarcus Cousins will make it nine — surpassing the limit nearly a month quicker than anyone else.

Cousins was ejected late in the Kings’ loss to the Bulls last night for his second technical foul of the game. Presumably, the league will officially suspend him later today, Feb. 7.

Dwight Howard was previously the quickest player to a 16-technical suspension, getting his on March 5 of the 2010-11 season.

Cousins was already the only player suspended in two different seasons for techs. Now, he’ll become the first player with three total technical-foul suspensions, breaking a tie with Howard and Rasheed Wallace.

Given how much time remains in the season, Cousins could easily add to his technical-foul résumé. The Kings’ playoff pursuit focused him, but they’re now 3.5 games and three teams out of postseason position. What will keep Sacramento’s already-mercurial star in line if his team doesn’t make up ground?



Bulls blow 27-point lead to Kings, but Dwyane Wade saves Chicago in end (video)

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The Bulls led the Kings by 27 with 16 minutes left, 15 with nine minutes and five with one minute left.

Chicago finally saw its lead completely disappear with 30 seconds left, when DeMarcus Cousins tied the game with a layup while being fouled (though he missed the free throw.)

Then, Dwyane Wade showed why the Bulls signed him.

Wade hit a contested jumper to untie the game. Then, he stole Sacramento’s ensuing inbound pass and raced for a dunk. Following Cousins’ NBA-high 16th technical foul — which will trigger an automatic one-game suspension — Wade punctuated Chicago’s 112-107 win with a technical free throw.