Author: Dan Feldman

Justin Anderson cocks back and dunks on Serge Ibaka (video)


A rookie vs. the NBA leader in blocks since he entered the league six years ago.

Advantage Justin Anderson.

The Mavericks rookie sure wasn’t afraid of Serge Ibaka, who, to be fair, started well behind the play.

Report: ‘Virtually every drug imaginable’ found in Lamar Odom’s system

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is hospitalized with life-threatening medical issues.

Francesca Bacardi and Ken Baker of E!:

A source inside Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas tells us that “drugs were found in his system,” and doctors are treating the situation as an “overdose.” Lamar remains unconscious and on a ventilator but is still alive. It also appears that the former Los Angeles Lakers player suffered from a “loss of oxygen but also possible stroke.”

“So, likely there’s brain damage, but they’re not sure how much,” the source adds. “Virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system.”

Lamar appears to have suffered an “ischemic stroke,” which is caused by a blood clot preventing blood flow to the brain. This type of stroke is often associated with a cocaine overdose, among other drugs. Our source adds that Lamar “had been partying since Friday.”

Odom’s battles with substance abuse are well-chronicled and have been very public. Drugs had clearly taken a toll on him over the years. That they so directly impacted this episode is both unsurprising and heartbreaking.

Hopefully, Odom pulls through, realizes how many people support him and gets the help he needs.

Warriors waive Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon, Klay Thompson

Ben Gordon was the big name in the Warriors’ preseason competition for an off-the-bench shooter.

He’s also first cut.

CSN Bay Area:

The Golden State Warriors have waived guard Ben Gordon, the team announced Wednesday.

I guess that vegan diet didn’t pay off.

Gordon, 32, hasn’t been productive in a few years. Even his 3-point shot had been slipping. His defense and peripheral offensive skills were never that strong. It’s hard to make the case he still belongs in the NBA.

This leaves Jarell Eddie, Ian Clark and Chris Babb competing for a regular-season roster spot. All three are far less experienced than Gordon, but Golden State clearly sees them as better options.

George Karl: If relationship with Rajon Rondo were any better, ‘I’d get scared’

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Asked about his relationship with Kings coach George Karl, Rajon Rondo said with a straight face:

It’s not been going too well. We got into a couple arguments the last couple of days. But, hopefully, we continue to talk and get better.

Rondo might have been joking. I think he was.

But it’s also plausible Rondo was being truthful and afterward agreed to call the quote sarcastic. That way, he and Karl could work out any issues in private.

For what it’s worth, Rondo says he was kidding, and Karl is even more positive.

James Ham of CSN California:

As someone inclined to believe Rondo was joking in the first place, I buy Rondo’s explanation. Karl seems to be laying it on a little thick – especially when this involves a coach with a history of clashing with players and a player with a history of clashing with coaches.

But as long as their squabbles/non-squabbles haven’t reached the point of public bickering, that’s a decent sign.

Stephen Curry apologizes for Warriors’ health, playoff path, success

Stephen Curry, DeAndre Jordan, Spencer Hawes

Draymond Green wasn’t the only Warrior firing back at perceived critics today.

A sarcastic Stephen Curry joined the fun (and to his credit, did so much more appropriately than his teammate).


I just want to say, I apologize for us being healthy. I apologize for us playing who’s in front of us. I apologize for all the accolades we’ve received as a team and individually. I’m very, truly sorry. We’ll rectify that situation this year.

We try to have fun with it.

What the Warriors refuse to realize: Acknowledging the fortunate breaks they received en route to their championship is not the same as saying they didn’t deserve their championship. It’s not insulting them.

Of course, the Warriors aren’t obligated to fully understand the critiques. They’re incentivized to spin the comments into motivation.

Mission clearly accomplished.