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Dion Waiters shooting free throws from WAY right of center (video)


Dion Waiters shot a career-low 68% from the free-throw line last season. Really, it wasn’t much worse than the 69% he shot the year prior.

Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman:

So he looked at film this summer and noticed a trend. Most of his misses drifted left.

Waiters conversed with his shooting coach and decided to test a new style, sliding a step to the right for free throws. “The first couple times it felt weird,” he said.

But Waiters, always the free basketball spirit, wasn’t swayed from the kooky correction. He was convinced he needed to amp it up. “I moved even more to the right,” he said.

That’s definitely a creative fix – maybe even one that will boost his free-throw percentage. In an extremely small sample, Waiters is 8-for-12 (67%) in the preseason.

But it’s just a band-aid.

If Waiters free throws are drifting left, that indicates a flaw in his form. If his form is flawed, that could extend to his streaky jumper. There’s a reason the top jump shooters and top free-throw shooters usually correlate.

At some point, Waiters should address the underlying issue.

In the meantime, if this helps him make a few more free throws, why not?

DeQuan Jones punctuates Hawks’ win over Spurs with strong slam (video)

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The Hawks improved to a perfect 3-0 (and dropped the Spurs to 0-3) in the preseason yesterday.

For good measure, Terran Petteway and DeQuan Jones connected on this powerful alley-oop.

76ers troll arena sponsor with court design (photo)

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(Philadelphia magazine)

Notice anything funny about the 76ers’ new court design?

Probably not.

The 76ers, as noted by Demetrius Bell of, have written their arena sponsor’s name in small, white text.

If you zoom in, you can somewhat see it:


The bank doesn’t sponsor the the team, just arena. Not wanting to support a non-sponsor, the 76ers have taken to calling their home court The Center.

If the 76ers can leverage their pettiness into a sponsorship, good for them. I don’t bemoan them making money.

But I also don’t mind less corporate-sponsorship creeping into my life.

Report: Lamar Odom’s condition improved slightly

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom remains hospitalized after a reported drug binge.

But there is good news.

Ramona Shelburne of ESPN:

It still sounds like the situation is life-or-death, but if Odom pulls through, I hope he realizes he has something worth living for.

Lakers coach Byron Scott, of all people, endorses 4-point line

Byron Scott

Lakers coach Byron Scott infamously said 3-pointers didn’t win championships.

Perhaps, the Warriors sent him in the opposite direction.

Scott, via Bill Oram of The Orange County Register:

“I think the 3-point line is exciting,” he said. “I would add another line and make a 4-point line as well. I’d say let’s go another three or four feet back and that’s a 4-pointer.”

It’s surprising to see Scott endorse a 4-pointer, but I didn’t expect Phil Jackson to do so, and the Knicks president did. Maybe there’s just something about coaching the Lakers that opens people to 4-pointers.

The NBA surely won’t implement a 4-point arc any time soon, though there has been talk.

More immediately, Scott addressed the long-range shot available to his players. Scott on 3-pointers, via Oram:

“We’re going to shoot 18 to 25 a night,” Scott said. “We’ve got guys that can shoot it.”

Despite Scott’s stated plan to shoot far fewer, the Lakers attempted 19 3s per game last season – 25th in the league. Shooting 25 per game from beyond the arc would probably get them a little above average.

That doesn’t sound so bad for a team that features Kobe Bryant, Lou Williams, Nick Young, Ryan Kelley, Michael Frazier, D'Angelo Russell and Anthony Brown. The Lakers have shooters. They should take advantage.

Maybe Scott is evolving?