Watch Boban Marjanovic absolutely take over Clippers-Nuggets game (video)

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In many ways, Boban Marjanovic is still the novelty he was as a rookie – a 7-foot-3, 290-pound behemoth with a soft touch and slow feet. He’s incredibly efficient in the right matchup, but quicker opponents absolutely expose him.

Last night, he found the right matchup.

The Clippers trailed Denver by 19 when they first inserted Marjanovic late in the third quarter. Over the next 13 minutes, L.A. swung the score to an eight-point lead.

Marjanovic flirted without outscoring the Nuggets himself in that span (18-26), and he actually singlehandedly outrebounded them (6-4).

Maybe Doc Rivers won’t wait until his team is getting blown out until trying Marjanovic next time.

Jon Stewart befuddled by JaVale McGee making turnaround jumper (video)


Jon Stewart was in New York to watch the Knicks lose the Warriors last night.

More specifically, Stewart had a front-row seat to watch JaVale McGee make a turnaround jumper.

That, understandably, was a lot for the comedian/Knicks fan to handle.

Florida school shooting victim buried in Dwyane Wade jersey

Rob Foldy/Getty Images
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MIAMI (AP) — One of the Florida school shooting victims was buried in a Dwyane Wade jersey, and the Miami Heat guard says he was touched to learn that.

Wade said Monday it was difficult to find the words to describe the emotions of his reaction.

Joaquin Oliver, 17, was excited about Wade’s recent return to the Heat. His parents revealed Sunday on Univision talk show Al Punto that Oliver was buried Feb. 17 in his Heat jersey bearing Wade’s number.

“You just try to hope that the time where he was alive, that you were able to bring some form of joy to his life,” Wade said. “I don’t even know the word for it. … On Twitter I said, ‘You’re going to make me cry .”‘


Paul George: Thunder’s big three officiated differently

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LeBron James complained referees aren’t treating him fairly.

Now, Paul George is taking his turn on behalf of himself, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

Fred Katz of The Norman Transcript:


It’s tough. We’re so aggressive. We play at the rim constantly. We’re just officiated differently, all three of us. And it’s tough. At least one of us should get the benefit of the doubt. But when we’re on that floor, no one is getting the better side of that whistle. But we’re going to keep attacking. We’re going to keep being aggressive. That’s our job, to put pressure on them. At some point it’s got to work out for us.

I don’t see a unique conundrum officiating Oklahoma City’s stars the way there is with LeBron.

LeBron is bigger/faster/stronger than anyone else in NBA history. He creates and draws contact at an incredibly high rate, and officials are loathe to blow the whistle every time. (Shaquille O’Neal presented similar issues.)

The Thunder stars just don’t create havoc on that scale. Westbrook is incredibly athletic and strong, but he’s not as big.

For a baseline, here are the percentage of times each Oklahoma City star draws a foul on drives (league average: 6.7%):

  • Anthony 14.4%
  • George 10.4%
  • Westbrook 6.3%

And post-ups (league average: 5.8%)

  • Anthony 10.2%
  • Westbrook 7.0%
  • George 1.4%

These numbers seem about right.

Westbrook drives a lot. A lot. He’s not a great finisher, but even mediocre finishers are more efficient than other play types. Westbrook’s major asset is the volume of his drives, not the efficiency of each. But that drive-without-abandon strategy means more drives against prepared defenses. They can’t always stop him, but they’re also less likely to be out of position and foul.

George isn’t much of a post-up player. Very good player overall, but post-ups aren’t his game. So, I wouldn’t expect him to draw a lot of fouls there.

Anthony leading in foul rate in both categories is also logical. He has taken a backseat to his co-stars in the Thunder offense. So, he’s more likely to attack when he has a mismatch – meaning the defender is more prone to fouling.

To be clear, these numbers don’t tell the whole story. Westbrook, George and Anthony are excellent offensive players, and maybe they should draw even more fouls. Without reviewing every offensive play, it’s impossible to say.

But a cursory look hints at roughly proper officiating, which hints at George – who fined earlier this season for criticizing officiating – being blinded by his personal bias and taking his complaints too far.

Lonzo Ball loses shooting contest to shoeless Bow Wow (video)

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is having an all-time bad shooting season – 41% on 2-pointers, 32% on 3-pointers, 50% on free throws.

His year just took an embarrassing, though not meaningful, turn.

Ball lost a shooting contest to a shoeless Bow Wow, and the rapper’s celebration including posting video to Instagram:

Ignore that, according to Bow Wow, Ball won the first contest. Ignore that Ball is just working his way back from injury.

Whew boy, this looks hilarious.