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Report: Zach Randolph arrested, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell


Not a great week for players in the Sacramento-Memphis pipeline.

Ben McLemore, who went from the Kings to the Grizzlies, broke his foot. And Zach Randolph โ€“ who went the other way on a two-year, $24 million contract โ€“ got arrested.


LAPD officers were called to the Nickerson Gardens area in L.A. around 10 PM — and when they arrived, cops found a large crowd of people smoking, playing loud music and blocking the roadway.

Three people were detained — including Randolph, who was eventually arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. We’re told the “intent to sell” part was due to the large amount of weed found.

After the arrests, we’re told things got crazy — the crowd became unruly and LAPD had to call for backup.

We’re told 6 cop cars were vandalized — tires slashed and windows busted — and cops formed a battle line to restore order.

In the end, cops recovered 2 guns, drugs, a significant amount of cash and 2 vehicles were impounded — though it’s unclear if any of those things belonged to Randolph.

The Kings said they are aware of the situation but would not comment at this time.

It is fairlyย common for people arrested with large amounts of marijuana to have the charge of intent to sell put on them, but that charge is often dropped by prosecutors as it is tougher to prove. Possession and use of recreational marijuana is legal in California.

Back in 2010, Randolph was implicated as a marijuana kingpin in Indianapolis. Though he never faced charges, this latest incident renews questions. He was also accused in 2011 of orchestrating a beating and robbery of a marijuana dealer Randolph had invited to his house. He wasn’t charged for that, either.

The NBA fines players $25,000 for a second marijuana conviction/positive test, then players are suspended five games for a third violation. For a first violation, a player is sent to an education, treatment and counseling program, although if there is an arrest and conviction of sales the league likely would add some response.

Rendering of Warriors’ Christmas jersey reportedly leaks (photo)

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The Warriors will probably play on Christmas.

That’s not exactly breaking news. The last 10 NBA champions have played the following Christmas, and Golden State is in a major market.

But Golden State’s jerseys on Christmas? That’s a little more tantalizing.

Conrad Burry of SportsLogos.Net:

I’m not a big fan.

The slate (?) color looks dull, though maybe that will look better in reality. But I just can’t get behind the Warriors using “The Town” to tie themselves to Oakland when they’re about to bolt for more-expensive San Francisco.

Lakers signing Stephen Zimmerman, V.J. Beachem

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The Lakers have 14 players with guaranteed contracts. That leaves one regular-season, standard-contract roster spot up for grabs.

They’ve already added Vander Blue and Briante Weber. Now, two more competitors join the mix.

Lakers release:

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed center Stephen Zimmerman, it was announced today by General Manager Rob Pelinka.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

The Magic drafted Zimmerman in the second round last year then waived the 20-year-old this summer. With a lingering arm injury and in need of more muscle, it’s unclear he’ll ever be healthy and strong enough to stick in the NBA, especially because his skill set requires him to play inside. But he’s moderately mobile and skilled. This is a fine flier.

V.J. Beachem went undrafted after four years at Notre Dame. He’s a 3-and-D prospect who’s not a sure bet to translate either skill to the NBA. Another reasonable choice for the Lakers here.

Both Zimmerman and Beachem likely end up waived and on the Lakers’ minor-league affiliate. But each will have a chance to beat out Blue and Weber first.

Steven Adams apparently shaved his mustache (photo)

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Steven Adams‘ mustache 2014-2017?

Thunder teammate Enes Kanter:

Maybe this is a Kawhi Leonard-braids situation, where someone edited a photo as a joke. That’d be in character for Adams and Kanter, who’ve branded themselves the Stache Bros. Or maybe Adams just plans to let his facial hair grow back.

Or maybe this is the sad end of an era. Brace yourselves just in case.

LeBron James calls Los Angeles ‘home’

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LeBron James tweeted that he wanted to find a pickup game. Jamal Crawford invited the Cavaliers star to Crawford’s native Seattle. LeBron responded:

LeBron was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He lived in Miami then returned to his home state. He has houses in Bath Township, Ohio, and Los Angeles.

Home can be a moving target. I could be visiting a friend in a city I’ve never been, be out for dinner then talk about going “home” to sleep.

But “home” also appears an important concept to LeBron. Most famously, he titled his Sports Illustrated essay, “I’m Coming Home.”

So, he’s signing with the Lakers next summer?

As usual: Maybe. There are rumors his wife wants to live in Los Angeles full-time.

But there were rumors about LeBron and Savannah James’ fondness for Los Angeles in 2014, and LeBron still signed with the Cavs. LeBron also might want to keep heat on the Cavaliers to do everything they can to build a winner around him. This could be a subtle way of doing that, whether or not he actually intends to bolt for the Lakers.

Or LeBron might just be referring to the place he often stays this time of year as “home” without there being a deeper meaning.