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CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 25:  Derrick Rose #25 of the New York Knicks controls the ball against the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 25, 2016 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
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Did Derrick Rose consider retirement while away from Knicks? He says ‘hell no’


Derrick Rose admitted he was overwhelmed while AWOL – his excuse for not communicating his absence to the Knicks. He reportedly even considered retirement.

Of course, he denies that. Strongly.

Mike Vorkunov:

File this under: What else is he supposed to say?

If Rose wasn’t considering retirement, he wasn’t considering retirement.

If he was, he wouldn’t want to admit that. That’d be considered a sign of weakness for a player in his position – just 28 and headed toward free agency.

Rose was clearly dealing with something intense Monday, and being away from his son is known to weigh on him. It’s certainly possible Rose had the extreme thought of retirement in the moment.

But that doesn’t mesh with what we know of Rose (which obviously isn’t the entire picture). His entire image rooted in basketball, and he has worked his entire life to reach this level. That effort only increased after each of his serious injuries, as Rose has willed himself back onto the court again and again. That doesn’t seem like someone pondering retirement – but he also didn’t seem like someone who’d leave his team in the dark about his whereabouts during a game. We clearly don’t know everything about him (or any player, for that matter).

As Kurt warned, Rose won’t publicly share every detail of Monday, so he and the Knicks will leak explanations – true or not – that fit their desired narratives. The corollary: Others will leak to fit their agenda.

Rose embarrassed the Knicks. It wouldn’t be unthinkable if a member of the organization leaked this retirement story to embarrass Rose, whether it’s true or not.

Did Rose ponder retirement? I don’t know. But I know he denied it and is playing again. Even with the previous reports planting the idea, it’d still be a MAJOR shock if Rose retires anytime soon.

Crowder and Wall go at each other, sparking Celtics-Wizards postgame scrum (video)


Jae Crowder pointed in John Wall‘s face.

Wall pointed back in Crowder’s face.

Next thing you know, the Celtics and Wizards were getting into it after Boston’s 117-108 win. Though he was well-separated, Wall reaches out for Crowder again during the fracas.

Also involved: Marcus Smart and Bradley Beal, who had their own incident during the game:

Knicks blow late 10-point lead, lose to 76ers on buzzer-beater (video)


The Knicks led the lowly 76ers by 10 with 2:20 left.

New York also started a point guard who went AWOL for the last game, had lost eight of nine and had already blown a 17-point lead earlier in the game.

In other words, the Knicks can’t have good – or apparently, even decent – things.

Philadelphia guard T.J. McConnell ensured that with his game-winning turnaround jumper as time expired, giving the 76ers a 98-97 win. McConnell got the shot after Kristaps Porzingis air-balled a 3-pointer, and Philadelphia pushed the ball rather than call timeout.

Damian Lillard denounces D’Angelo Russell’s elbowing, says they can meet out back

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Damian Lillard got in D'Angelo Russell‘s face during the Trail Blazers’ win over the Lakers last night?


Lillard, via CSN Northwest:

Since last game, he has been doing little slick elbows. And I play the game clean. I’m from Oakland. I ain’t with that extra stuff. Nobody can do just what they want to me.

I got called for a foul to start the third quarter for reaching in, but when I reached in, the only reason there was contact is because his elbow came up again. After he blocked my shot, I was walking to my spot and I felt like he went out of his way to get that elbow in there again.

I told him that ain’t going to fly. And I wasn’t interested in anything else that was said after that. We ain’t going to do that on the court, so we’ll be in the back, and whatever happens happens. But it was nothing. He poked the bear, and you see what happened the rest of the game.

There’s a fine line between aggressive and dirty. Perhaps, Russell crossed it. Or maybe Lillard was just frustrated that Portland, in the midst of a disappointing season, was in a tight game with the lowly Lakers.

Either way, exchange – which drew a double-technical – seemed to spark Lillard. From there, he scored 13 points on 4-of-6 shooting and the Trail Blazers outscored the Lakers by 20 to pull away.

DeMarcus Cousins asks reporters whether they want Kings to keep him (video)


DeMarcus Cousins – who can be both combative and fun with the media – put both traits forward after the Kings’ win over the Pistons last night.

Cousins will reportedly sign a veteran-designated-player contract extension that projects to pay him about $219 million over five years and will keep him in Sacramento long-term. But rather than discuss his future himself, Cousins grabbed a microphone and singled out Sacramento Bee writers Ailene Voisin and Andy Furillo asked whether they wanted the Kings to keep him.

Voisin said no comment. Furillo said his preference would be no.

Cousins responded with a hearty smile and some confident words.