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Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut concussed in Warriors opener

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Turn your attention up from Andrew Bogut‘s ringed middle finger to his head.

Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area:

Warriors center Andrew Bogut, who left in the third quarter of a 111-95 win over New Orleans on Tuesday night after sustaining a laceration to his head, has been diagnosed with a concussion, the team announced Wednesday afternoon.

Festus Ezeli stands to start if Bogut misses games, and this could be a big opportunity for Ezeli.

Golden State two more full games (at Rockets and at Hornets) and a partial on deadline day (vs. Grizzlies) while he’s eligible for a contract extension. He played well in the opener (13 points, four rebounds, a steal and a block in 17 minutes), and quality production as a starter could improve his bargaining power.

Dwyane Wade: Heat are ‘behind the 8-ball’

Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade

Erik Spoelstra said the Heat’s much-anticipated, but yet-unseen-in-the-regular-season starting lineup – Goran Dragic, Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, Chris Bosh and Hassan Whitesidewould require time to jell.

Apparently, 29 preseason minutes haven’t changed that.

Miami, coming off its first lottery season in seven years, still aren’t clicking on all cylinders.

Wade, via Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report:

“We just got to play together more and figure it out together,” Wade said recently. “It’s just going to take a little time. You can’t fast-track it as much as you want to. … We’re behind the 8-ball from a lot of teams.”

This is not what the Heat want to hear as they’re just starting their season, but it’s probably their reality.

Miami is striving to accomplish two somewhat-similar, somewhat-competing goals this season:

1. Be healthy enough to win enough regular-season games to make the playoffs.

2. Be healthy enough to advance in the playoffs.

The Heat’s health issues last season (namely Chris Bosh’s blood clots, which popped up just after the trade for Dragic) are still setting them back this season. Preseason health issues (namely Hassan Whiteside’s calf strain) have limited Miami’s ability to mesh.

So, what does Spoelstra do now? Does he give his top players more minutes to develop chemistry, which could put them at further injury risk? Or does he keep them rested, even if it means less regular-season success? As last season showed, the Heat aren’t good enough to bank on a postseason berth while not leaning on their stars.

Miami’s potential is high, but this is a tricky team to handle.

Stephen Curry on how to beat Rockets: ‘I’ll have to play defense this year’

Stephen Curry, Ty Lawson
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Ty Lawson said Stephen Curry coasted defensively in the Western Conference finals against the Rockets, implying he’d better challenge Curry when the Warriors play Houston this season.

Curry brushed off the comments, merely calling them “funny.”

But the Golden State star has not forgotten.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN:

I love how willing the Warriors – from Draymond Green to Klay Thompson to Andrew Bogut to Curry again – are willing to engage in these feuds. They’re not above it. They’re not trying to stay out of the headlines.

They’re the champions, and they’re embracing any scrutiny – real or imagined – that comes with the title.

Curry might have to work harder defensively against Lawson than he did against Jason Terry and Pablo Prigioni. But I have a feeling Lawson will face a stiffer defensive challenge against Golden State than he bargained for.

Nuggets unveil ‘Whitegold’ uniforms, and they’re pretty awesome


The Nuggets unwisely removed their pick-axe logo from center court.

But they’ve featured it in what might be favorite new uniform of the season.

Nuggets release:

The Denver Nuggets will introduce a “WHITEGOLD” alternate uniform for the 2015-16 NBA Season. The new uniform created by adidas acts as the Nuggets official “Pride” jersey designation by the NBA, and looks to incorporate the spirit of Denver and the Rocky Mountains into a unique new style to the Nuggets.

A new bold logo taking elements from the Nuggets secondary “pick axe” logo is featured prominently across the chest of the jersey. This alternate logo is embroidered in the team’s standard navy coloring used on its other uniforms and introduces a metallic light blue color that is used as an accent throughout the WHITEGOLD uniform.

The player numbers will be filled with white coloring and bordered with navy stitching. The player names will also feature navy stitching, with all fonts used on the jersey matching the new western inspired font featured on the Nuggets’ updated primary uniforms and their new court design.

More subtle design cues include a winterized “Nuggets” logo just below the waistband on the back of the shorts, taken from the navy blue alternate uniforms worn by the team from 2008-2012. The new metallic light blue is added in rotation with navy and white to comprise the striping along the side of the shorts, a design element borrowed from the Nuggets iconic “Skyline” uniforms. The shorts are finished with a navy tonal version of the secondary “pick axe” logo along the lower left front above the knee.

I love how clean these are, the logos and striping popping against the white background. I can even overlook the sleeves.

But as much as I like these, I can’t help but think they could’ve been even better with the typical yellow incorporated into the pick-axe logo and the shorts striping – especially if it were a metallic yellow to match the metallic blue.

Still, all in all, these get an ‘A’ from me.

Andrew Bogut actually had his championship ring fit for his middle finger (video)


Like other Warriors, Andrew Bogut was irked by Doc Rivers’ comments about Golden State.

But unlike his teammates, Bogut has actually done more than talk about his displeasure with the Clippers coach.

Bogut a couple weeks ago, via the Fitz & Brooks podcast on KNBR

I’ve actually got my ring fitted for my middle finger so they can kiss that one.

I just don’t understand that. We respect all previous champs. We’ll respect future champs. They don’t want to respect us, so be it. We’ve got a ring. We did all the hard work. We know what it takes,, and e don’t need any more motivation. But if they want to throw some at us, we’ll definitely put it on a board and be aware of that.

It’s one thing taking it from a team that’s won a championship, taking those kinds of criticisms. To haven’t won a championship, it’s kind of dead air.

That was no empty threat.

Bogut actually did it, as shown above in the video of the Warriors’ ring ceremony.

This rivalry is fantastic. Bogut is fantastic.

I can’t wait to see how the Clippers respond.