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Wizards’ Bojan Bogdanovic tripped by referee, turns ball over (video)

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Irrefutable proof the NBA is out to get the Wizards or an unfortunate outcome that happens every once in a while?

You decide!

Brandon Jennings baits Terry Rozier into pushing him over in latest Celtics-Wizards dustup (video)


Brandon Jennings hasn’t been with the Wizards long, but he’s already into the spirit of Washington’s rivalry with the Celtics.

During Boston’s win last night, Jennings repeatedly bumped Terry Rozier then got in front of the Celtics guard. Rozier knocked him over.

At the point the ref blew the whistle, I’m not sure what Jennings did wrong. He looked set to me, and then Rozier shoved him over. But – especially in hindsight given the outcome – Jennings should have been whistled for the previous bumps.

Officials called a personal foul on Jennings and a double-technical on Jennings and Rozier. No penalty for the finger-wagging Al Horford.

Watch Stephen Curry hit buzzer-beating 3-pointer, run into locker room (video)

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The Warriors beat the Thunder by 16 and led by as many as 27 last night, but Golden State still found time to produce a thrilling sequence in the rout.

Just after Stephen Curry and Semaj Christon sparked a shoving match in the final seconds of the second quarter, Curry leaked behind the Oklahoma State defense on a jump ball. Klay Thompson recovered the loose ball and made the long heads-up pass.

Curry did the rest, delivering perfect comeuppance for the skirmish.

James Harden on game-winner: ‘I felt like Usain Bolt’

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John Wall might be the fastest NBA’s fastest player with the ball.

But James Harden‘s game-winning layup against the Nuggets last night was something to behold. And he knows it.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

Harden now has an MVP quote to accompany his MVP moment.

Report: Most Knicks dislike triangle offense, losing faith in Jeff Hornacek

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said the triangle offense could attract free agents.

But Phil Jackson’s infamous scheme apparently isn’t appealing to current Knicks.

Ian Begley of ESPN:

Jackson may eventually be able to find players who excel in — and appreciate — the triangle. But the majority of current Knicks aren’t comfortable in — and don’t care for — the offense, according to sources.

The return to the triangle is one reason why several veterans have started to lose faith in Hornacek recently, sources say.

Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose have chafed at the triangle, but they – like many Knicks veterans – might not be long for New York. So, their dismay means only so much.

On the other hand, Anthony is the only player left from the team Jackson inherited, and Jackson signed Anthony to a new contract. If Jackson’s hand-chosen players are rejecting the triangle, who will embrace it? Good luck finding those free agents.

Hornacek is in a tough spot, caught between established veterans unhappy with losing and a boss forcing an unfamiliar scheme. It’s not going well, and time is not the solution here. The triangle slows the pace and leads to too many inefficient shots, and it would take an expert in the scheme and a better roster to succeed with it. That won’t be Hornacek any time soon, and hoping he can suddenly win under these conditions is just wasting time.

If Jackson insists upon the triangle, Hornacek is the wrong coach. But a far better solution than firing Hornacek in favor a better triangle coach would be just dumping the scheme and allowing Hornacek to coach how he deems best.

And building a better roster. That should be Jackson’s top priority, which can be far more easily accomplished if picking from the widest pool of players, not just those who appear to fit the triangle.