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Report: Cavaliers waiving Andrew Bogut, could waive DeAndre Liggins


Andrew Bogut is out for the season.

The next dominos to fall?

Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

Cleveland plans to waive Bogut in order to free up a roster spot to replace the big man who was brought in for his rim-protecting and play-making abilities, a team source told ESPN. Bogut plans to rehabilitate back in his native Australia with his family.

The Cavs could waive an additional player — DeAndre Liggins would be the most likely candidate — to mitigate the cost hit it would require to replace Bogut, the source told ESPN.

The Cavs plan to make their roster adjustment following their upcoming three-game road trip through Detroit, Orlando and Houston, a source told ESPN.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s reported pledge to LeBron James to spend unconditionally demands waiving Bogut to sign a useful player. Cleveland might never call on its 15th man in the playoffs, but I bet LeBron cares more about having the safety net — no matter how superfluous — than its cost.

It’s also a logical move for a team with an open championship window. This isn’t the time to cut corners. The upside is too high.

Signing another player would cost the Cavs $20,185 daily for the rest of the regular season ($5,767 in salary, $14,418 in luxury tax). There will be 30 days left in the season after their three-game road trip, which would mean a total of $605,560.

Waiving Liggins would save Cleveland money only if someone claims him. Otherwise, the Cavs are on the hook for his full salary plus the resulting luxury-tax hit. Presumably, they’d find another team that agrees to claim him before waiving him.

Another team claiming Liggins would save the Cavaliers $2,712,506 ($173,266 in salary, $2,539,240 in luxury tax).

Dropping Liggins, whether or not he’s claimed, would also open a roster spot. Filling it would again cost $20,185 daily.

Assume the Cavs use the Bogut opening to sign their top available target. After that, is there really a second free agent who’d help more on the court than Liggins? I’d probably rather just have Liggins, a defensive-minded wing.

Waiving Bogut and signing another player is only logical. That shouldn’t buy the Cavaliers leeway to waive Liggins to save money — unless they have a veteran replacement in mind who’s more ready to contribute in the playoffs. But the onus would be on them to find that player.

Josh Jackson, potential top-three NBA draft pick, suspended by Kansas after hit-and-run

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Kansas forward Josh Jackson could be a top-three pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

If he convinces a team his off-court legal issues aren’t too big of a problem.

Kansas suspended the freshman for its Big 12 tournament opener after receiving three citations for a hit-and-run. He was already facing a misdemeanor property-damage charge for allegedly damaging the car of Kansas women’s basketball player who was previously found to be the victim of domestic violence by one of Jackson’s teammates.

Jackson will have a chance to explain himself in the legal and pre-draft processes, but this second incident makes it more difficult to dismiss the first as an isolated issue.

His incredible basketball talent will open doors, but Jackson is also competing with Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith, Jayson Tayum and other very good players for draft position. Off-court concerns will factor.


Report: Ty Lawson thrice violated probation by testing positive for alcohol

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Ty Lawson allegedly violated his probation stemming from drunk driving in Colorado in 2015.

Just what did Lawson do?


part of the terms required Lawson to stay completely sober and submit to alcohol testing.

But officials say Lawson tested positive for booze on 9/27, 9/29 and 2/7.

Lawson has essentially said his problems were about drinking and driving and the media’s portrayal of when he drinks — not drinking itself. He also said he wouldn’t have gone to rehab if it weren’t court-ordered. In October, Lawson was late to a Kings shootaround then missed a team flight, reportedly after partying in Las Vegas the night before.

In other words, these latest developments aren’t terribly surprising.

Lawson deserves a chance to answer for himself in court and publicly, but he could face legal and workplace consequences. Remember, in Sacramento, “character matters.”

Bucks’ Michael Beasley out at least two more weeks

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The Bucks said Michael Beasley would miss at least three games with a hyperextended knee.

Four games later, what’s the prognosis?

Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Bucks have won three straight, as Khris Middleton is coming back into his own since return from injury. More help is on the way with recently signed Terrence Jones.

Beasley provided some offensive punch, but Milwaukee should be fine without him, at least once you set a Jabari Parker-less baseline.

That said, the Bucks — 1.5 games and two teams out of playoff position — have little margin for error in their postseason pursuit.

DeMarcus Cousins to heckler at Pelicans-Jazz game: ‘Sit your fat a– down’


DeMarcus Cousins didn’t get all his frustration for hecklers out during the Pelicans’ win over the Lakers on Sunday.

Cousins snapped back at another fan in Utah yesterday, when New Orleans lost to the Jazz, saying, “Sit your fat a– down.”

Again, the heckler got what was desired — a response from Cousins. But the league might not look so kindly at directing profanity toward fans, especially with a repeat offender.