Author: Dan Feldman

George Karl

Report: Kings concerned about George Karl, ‘nothing off the table’


DeMarcus Cousins said the Kings needed to solve some issues.

Is Issue No. 1 George Karl?

Carmichael Dave of KHTK Sports 1140:

The Kings are 1-7. Though Cousins has missed four games in Sacramento’s six-game losing streak, the franchise center’s absence didn’t save Michael Malone last year.

Owner. Vivek Ranadivé is unpredictable, and it should surprise nobody if he fires Karl.

Ranadivé has ultimate authority, but others will influence the decision. General manager Vlade Divac has a voice, and so do the players. Cousins went out of his way to say the team would hold a players-only meeting. Are they uniting against Karl?

It’s no secret Cousins and Karl didn’t get along over the summer, and though there are signs their relationship improved, losing exacerbates all problems.

If the Kings beat the Pistons tomorrow, this might all blow over – or at least go on the backburner for a bit. But if Sacramento loses, at least watch for fireworks.

Stephen Curry inbounds ball to himself, as Draymond Green argues (video)


The Warriors excel offensively in large part because they push the pace, even after made shots. So, when he wanted to get the ball up floor as Draymond Green argued with a ref, Stephen Curry took matters into his own hands.

If this was a legal inbound, though, it should have been a violation. The ball bounced off Green and first hit out of bounds before trickling to Curry.

Really, it probably shouldn’t have been a legal inbound, and Green should have gotten the ball back to throw a real pass.

Blake Griffin comes from out of bounds for putback dunk (video)

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Best way to beat a box out?

Come from where the opponent doesn’t expect.

Blake Griffin goes behind the baseline, reestablishes himself inbounds and then slams back the miss. His biggest impediment – besides the ridiculous angle – was teammate Lance Stephenson on his back.

Harrison Barnes dunks from 10 feet (video)

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Reggie Jackson was in decent position to challenge Harrison Barnes if the Warriors forward jumped from a normal place.

Barnes didn’t jump from a normal place.

The free-throw circle has a radius of six feet, and Barnes jumped from that, though to the left of its closest point to the rim. With the free-throw line 15 feet from the basket, I’m giving Barnes double-digit feet on that dunk.

Jeff Teague slaps Nemanja Bjelica in the face, gets away with it (video)


Jeff Teague, surely a little frustrated with the Hawks losing at home to the Timberwolves, smacked Nemanja Bjelica in the face after not drawing a foul he wanted.

Maybe Teague can claim he was going for the ball and with Bjelica’s back to him, he couldn’t see the Minnesota forward had already passed it.

But Bjelica did pass it. And Teague did hit him in the face.

Intent means only so much. The results were clearly foul.