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2015 NBA Finals - Game Five

Report: Cavaliers already increased Tristan Thompson’s offer


Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers were reportedly close to a five-year, $80 million contract on the first day of free agency.

Thompson remains unsigned, and Cleveland is reportedly holding firm on that five-year, $80 million offer.

Will the Cavs compromise toward the $94,343,125 max contract Thompson desires?

They might say they already have.

Joe Vardon of

The team, meanwhile, has offered a five-year, $80 million contract and has already come up from its original offer to reach that number, according to a source.

This seems like the Cavaliers combatting the perception that they’re being too stubborn.

They’re being reasonable. Thompson is demanding too much. At least that’s what Cleveland seemingly wants to convey.

But this also shows the Cavaliers are willing to adjust their offer. That might partially explain why Thompson continues to wait.

Will they increase their offer again before the Oct. 1 deadline for Thompson to accept his qualifying offer? That very well could determine whether or not he takes the one-year tender.

Nuggets unveil new court design

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets unveiled what might be the NBA’s most elaborate court design.

And it’s pretty good.

I love the gray mountain. It’s a Denver staple, and it fades into the background – as mountains do.

The gray pickaxes are more jarring, but I think I can warm up to them.

The bigger problem with them is they force the Nuggets to change their center-court logo from their better pickaxe logo (pictured above the court). Otherwise, it’d be too repetitive. The center-court logo now is a downgrade.

I also find the “5280/300” on the sideline corny. The 5280 – for feet in the Mile High City – is a more universally recognized number and would be fine on its own. The 300 – for 300 days of sunlight in Denver – is more obscure. Perhaps, Coloradans appreciate it more than I do.

Overall grade: B, with potential to go to B+ if the gray pickaxes aren’t as overwhelming with players on the floor

Report: Warriors close to signing Ben Gordon

Orlando Magic v Golden State Warriors
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The Warriors’ search for an off-the-bench shooter has taken an interesting turn.

So far, Golden State has gotten Chris Babb thrown into the David Lee trade and signed Jarell Eddie and Ian Clark. Clark is the most-experienced of the bunch with just 53 NBA games in two seasons. Babb is the oldest at only 25.

Ben Gordon – age 32 with 744 games played – brings a different element.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Gordon is a long way from the player who starred in the Bulls’ thrilling seven-game first-round series against the Celtics in 2009. He has since spent six nondescript years with the Pistons, Bobcats and Magic.

At least Gordon’s 3-point shooting rebounded last season to 36%, up from 28% the year prior. If Gordon projects to get near his 40% career mark – Golden State will get him many open looks – he could make the regular-season roster.

That’s really Gordon’s only marketable skill at this point, and it isn’t even certain his shooting stroke his still reliable. His poor defense and passing are unquestionable, perhaps fading too quickly at age 32 for him to remain in the league.

It seems Gordon has coasted since getting his big contract from Detroit. If that continues with Golden State, Babb, Eddie or Clark will beat him out. Those three youngsters are too hungry and too talented to all fall to a fading Gordon.

But if Gordon shows a renewed sense of purpose to make a team that will take him to the playoffs for the first time since Chicago, Gordon could be another interesting piece on the already loaded Warriors.