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Mavericks fire off emoji-laden tweet after beating DeAndre Jordan, Clippers


Mavericks fans booed DeAndre Jordan. The Dallas Morning News drew devil horns on his head. Chandler Parsons took his shot. Mark Cuban threatened to take his.

But – noting the Clippers’ emoji-filled pursuit of Jordan in July, even if it was misinterpreted – the Mavericks’ kind words rang loudly after their win over the Clippers last night:

That’s quality Twittering.

Chandler Parsons: DeAndre Jordan not a priority for Mavericks – or Clippers

Chandler Parsons, DeAndre Jordan

Chandler Parsons worked hard to recruit DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks. Parsons and Dallas sold Jordan on becoming a franchise player, escaping the shadow of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Safe to say, Parsons is a little bitter Jordan committed to the Mavericks and then reversed course to re-sign with the Clippers.

So, Parsons noticed Jordan’s role in Dallas’ win over the Clippers last night – fourth among Clippers in minutes (27), seventh in points (nine), eighth in shots (five) – and dug in.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:


Vlade Divac says George Karl will coach Kings for rest of season

George Karl

George Karl’s job security is reportedly dicey.

But Kings general manager Vlade Divac – who reportedly overruled Karl’s attempt to suspend DeMarcus Cousins and said players hadn’t bought into Karl’s system – says the coach is safe for now.

Lisa Gonzales of NBC 3:

Did the Kings say the same thing about Tyrone Corbin last season? Yup.

Did the Kings fire Corbin before the season ended? Yup.

This might prove to be different. It might not. I’m not putting much faith in Divac’s statement, especially with owner Vivek Ranadivé calling the shots. Even if Ranadivé specifically told Divac to keep the coach for the rest of the season, Ranadivé is prone to changing course at any moment.

Divac’s statement is less a reliable vote of confidence in Karl, more an opportunity for the Kings to look foolish in the near future.

Kenneth Faried beats Bucks with putback after Danilo Gallinari airball (video)

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The Bucks overcame a 13-point deficit in the final seven minutes and forced a covered Danilo Gallinari into an airball on the Nuggets’ final possession.

It still wasn’t enough thanks to Kenneth Faried, whose putback gave Denver a 103-102 win.

I don’t know whether Greg Monroe or Greivis Vasquez deserves more blame here. Monroe moved toward Gallinari in case the Denver forward drove, and then it became Vasquez’s responsibility to check Faried. But Gallinari picked up his dribble, and Monroe slid back toward the basket. So, Vasquez recovered to his man in case of a pass, but Monroe didn’t pick up Faried.

What I know: Those aren’t the players I’d want to rely on for defense, and they clearly didn’t communicate well enough with each other.

Gallinari airballing, ironically, only made it easier for Faried to gather the ball and put it in the basket.

LaMarcus Aldridge receives mix of cheers, boos in Portland return (video)

LaMarcus Aldridge
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LaMarcus Aldridge returned to Portland after signing with the Spurs last summer, and Trail Blazers fans greeted him loudly – with a solid mix of cheers and boos.

This video, via Jamie Hudson of CSN Northwest, suggests the cheers were louder. But other accounts said boos had the edge. It probably depends where you were sitting.

Either way, the reception was much warmer than the one DeAndre Jordan received in Dallas tonight.