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Isaiah Thomas’ sons steal the show at press conference (video)


The Celtics were happy to win two games in Boston and even their series with the Hawks – nobody more so than Isaiah Thomas‘ sons, who had a blast at their dad’s postgame press conference.

Reggie Jackson on final shot: Referees should face fines, suspensions for missed calls


The NBA fined Stan Van Gundy for criticizing officiating during the Pistons-Cavaliers series.

He might have company in Detroit.

Reggie Jackson clearly thought Kyrie Irving fouled him on his potential game-winning 3-pointer in Game 4 yesterday.

Asked about the play, Jackson, via Aaron McCann of MLive:

“Fines, suspensions, being fired,” Jackson said. “The same thing that happens to us. Make bad plays or questionable (calls), you’re not really being productive to the sport. They should have consequences, just like the players. That’s about (all) I’m going to say on that.”

The NBA does sometimes fine or suspend officials. They’re punished for improper behavior, not incorrect calls – just like players. Jackson doesn’t get fined or suspended for turnovers or missed shots.

He probably will get fined for this, though. He should have plausible deniability that he’s sharing a fair opinion about the whole system, not griping about a specific call. But the league never seems to allow that argument.

Unlike officials, players must regularly meet with the media, creating numerous opportunities to say something finable. Referees are largely shielded, only occasionally providing straightforward rule interpretations. They’d have to go out of their way to speak to reporters more often or in depth. Players face consequences if they shirk media responsibilities.

So, Jackson was in a tough spot – believing he was fouled and forced to talk after the game. He could’ve dodged the question, maybe even noting he didn’t want to get fined, which would still would’ve answered clearly. Instead, he answered honestly. It’ll probably cost him.

Dave Joerger chokes up talking about Grizzlies’ determination (video)

Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Joerger talks after the NBA basketball team's practice in Portland, Ore., Friday, April 24, 2015. The Grizzlies lead the Portland Trail Blazers 2-0 in a first-round series heading into Saturday's game in Portland.(AP Photo/Don Ryan)
AP Photo/Don Ryan
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The Grizzlies went through a lot this season.

They used an NBA-record 28 players, overcoming numerous trades and injuries (including season-enders for Marc Gasol and Mike Conley) to make the playoffs.

After the Spurs eliminated Memphis yesterday, Grizzlies coach Dave Joerger showed just how much he appreciated this group.


Draymond Green dresses down reporter who asks weird question about Houston floods (video)


If this reporter had a point other than suggesting a causal relationship between the Warriors’ success and Houston floods – newsflash: there isn’t one – I didn’t get it.

Draymond Green definitely didn’t get it.

Kyrie Irving sinks shot from beyond halfcourt (video)

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J.R. Smith usually handles the Cavaliers’ end-of-quarter heaves, but with Smith on the bench, Kyrie Irving stepped up.

Irving ended the third with a halfcourt 3-pointer, boosting Cleveland in its series-clinching win over the Pistons.