Author: Dan Feldman

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns

Marcus Morris: I should’ve started over P.J. Tucker with Suns


Since the Suns traded him to the Pistons, Marcus Morris hasn’t expressed much respect for Phoenix.

He called the deal, which separated him from twin brother ,”a slap in the face.”

Now, he’s more specifically targeting Suns coach Jeff Hornacek and former teammate P.J. Tucker.

Morris, via Keith Langlois of

In Phoenix, I thought I should have started at the three. The guy that’s there now (P.J. Tucker) might have been a better defender, but as an all-around three, I thought I was the best we had. And I thought a lot of players thought that, too.

I appreciate Morris’ confidence. It has certainly helped him reach the NBA.

But this crosses a certain line.

What did Tucker do to deserve this criticism? Why must he wonder which of his teammates went behind his back to tell Morris that Morris should start? How do those teammates handle Tucker’s suspicions, stated or unstated?

If Morris doesn’t care about those concerns, that’s fine. It’s no longer his job to help the Suns foster chemistry. But he put some people in an uncomfortable position with these comments.

He’s also wrong.

In a vacuum, Tucker and Morris might be similar in quality, but they differ in kind. Tucker is a better defender, Morris better with the ball. The Suns – who started two point guard between Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and Brandon Knight – didn’t need a better ball-handler. Tucker’s ability to do the dirty work was a much better fit with the starting lineup.

The most-used five-man units performed better with Tucker than Morris.

With Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Markieff Morris and Alex Len (offensive rating/defensive rating/net rating):

  • Tucker: 103.9/94.5/+9.4 in 392 minutes
  • Morris: 108.2/100.2/+8.0 in 63 minutes

With Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Markieff Morris and Miles Plumlee (offensive rating/defensive rating/net rating):

  • Tucker: 102.8/97.6/+5.2 in 163 minutes
  • Morris: 107.1/102.9/+4.2 in 237 minutes

Tucker earned his starting spot. I understand why Morris disagrees, and he could use this as motivation to play better this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Morris outplays Tucker this year.

But last season, Hornacek got that right.

Report: Cavs won’t give Thompson max, but would increase offer

2015 NBA Finals - Game Five

Tristan Thompson wants a five-year max contract. He’s willing to accept a three-year max contract.

Chris Haynes of

The Cavaliers view both of the offers the same: They aren’t interested. However, they are willing to up their five-year, $80-million offer, sources informed Northeast Ohio Media Group, but to what extent is unknown at this time.

The Cavaliers reportedly increased their offer to reach five years, $80 million. Earlier this month, they were reportedly holding firm on that.

But if they’re willing to bend again, maybe Thompson will meet them in the middle.

With a few days before Thompson’s qualifying offer is due to expire, the Cavaliers must time their next offer. Too early, and Thompson will wait for another, even better offer before the deadline. Too late, and the Cavaliers begin practicing without him.

John Wall ready to recruit Kevin Durant to Wizards

Oklahoma City Thunder v Washington Wizards

There’s nothing more important the Wizards can do this season to lure Kevin Duran than have a good season.

But that alone won’t get Durant to D.C. in free agency next summer.

A little love from the Wizards’ top player could help.

John Wall, via CSN Mid-Atlantic:

There’s going to be an opportunity to where you have an opportunity to throw a pitch at him and to try to get him to come back home. But I know one thing of just knowing him, he’s really going to be very focused on taking care of Oklahoma City Thunder this season, and I’m going to be focused on taking care of the Washington Wizards. But when the time is right and he can get away from all that, yeah, we’ll probably do have some conversation and throw your pitch.

Durant will have many players recruiting him, including Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. So, I doubt Wall puts Washington over the top.

But the Wizards don’t want to fall behind. Wall can at least help them remain in contention.

Every little bit helps.