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Jaylen Brown helped Celtics beat Warriors shortly after friend’s death


Jaylen Brown had a big showing on Thursday night during the Boston Celtics’ win, 92-88, over the Golden State Warriors. The Celtics youngster had 22 points, seven rebounds, two blocks, and two steals.

After Thursday’s game, we confirmed what had been rumored all day: Brown lost one of his best friends, Trevin Steede, on Wednesday night.

Steede could often be seen in Brown’s Instagram stories, and vice versa. Steede was the friend that Brown hooped with 1-on-1 in a recent video (seen at the top of this article) as part of a reaction to prove regular Joes can’t hoop with NBAers.

Brown spoke on Thursday expressing his pain:

No word yet confirming Steede’s cause of death, but thoughts are with his and Brown’s families.

Luke Walton: Lakers who shoot 3-pointers have to make 100 in practice


The Los Angeles Lakers are 6-9 on the season, and are last in the NBA in terms of made 3-pointers per-game.

But wait, it gets worse!

LA is also shooting just 28.8 percent from 3-point range this season, a six point drop from a year ago.

And thus, coach Luke Walton has decided to make some changes.

Via Twitter:

I mean, this says a lot about the Lakers and where they’re at. Not far from anyone’s mind is the fact that Lonzo Ball has been struggling as of late, averaging 9 points, 6.9 assists, and 1.3 steals per-game while shooting 23 percent from 3-point land. Ball shot 41.2 percent from beyond the arc at UCLA.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is struggling and Walton’s handcuffing of practice to game allowance feels a bit … junior for the NBA. This is a young team to be sure, but hopefully for fans in LA it will help encourage more relatable gym habits for the Lakers roster.

Draymond Green gives talk on sports, politics at Harvard (VIDEO)


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is known for speaking his mind, and on Thursday before he squared off with his teammates against the Boston Celtics he got the chance to do so in front of students at Harvard.

Speaking in front of the crowd at the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School, Green touched on a wide-ranging number of topics including race relations in the U.S., the political nature of NBA players, and Mark Cuban.

Video of the talk can be seen below, but Green no doubt gave students familiar with him what they were expecting when they showed up.

Via Twitter:

Green had many good points, and the “stick to sports” one always gets me. It’s a favorite of sub-100 follower Twitter accounts to yell at both athletes and writers when they start showing favorable political opinion of the opposition. Most NBA players are voting citizens, too, and don’t have any less of a say than Mr. Dog Avi.

Check out the full talk with Green in the Facebook video above or by going here.

Stan Van Gundy on protesting athletes: “These are patriots of the highest order”


The NBA has been no stranger to the advancement of civic equality for all people, as far as sports leagues go. That reputation perhaps took a hit when commissioner Adam Silver made comments regarding the NBA’s rule that players stand for the national anthem, but players have been openly supportive after the deaths of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and others.

NBA coaches have come forward to have their voices heard, too. Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich seem to be the ones who grab the most headlines, especially when it comes to Donald Trump, but guys like Stan Van Gundy have also used their platform to advance a social agenda.

On Tuesday, the Detroit Pistons coach wrote an article in Time in support of athletes in the WNBA and NFL who made their statement by kneeling during the national anthem.

Via Time:

Honoring America has to mean much, much more than standing at attention for a song (one which, by the way, contains racist language in later verses). One of the most important freedoms that our military has fought for over two-plus centuries is the freedom of speech. When these professional athletes protest during the anthem, they are exercising one of the very freedoms for which our military men and women fought so valiantly, thus honoring our highest values and, in turn, those who have fought for them.

We should never forget that this country was founded by protesters. Our founding fathers declared independence from Great Britain because they were dissatisfied with the laws and policies that they believed abridged their freedoms. Had they taken the stance that many want our professional athletes to take — to just shut up and honor your country no matter what — we would be living in British colonies. Furthermore, as Dr. Dyson reminded our team, protest has nearly always been the catalyst for meaningful change. And it has always made people uncomfortable. This was true of the abolitionists, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement, all of which shined a bright and needed light on injustice, demanded that our country live up to its stated ideals and produced our most meaningful change. To be sure, they made people feel uncomfortable along the way, but those were the people who needed to feel uncomfortable. People should never be permitted to feel comfortable while trampling the rights of others.

Van Gundy’s entire piece is well worth the read given his perspective and the time he’s spent with his team talking about social change.

Here’s hoping NBA players and coaches don’t stop trying to have a meaningful conversation with their fans.

Jayson Tatum blows breakaway layup vs. Nets (VIDEO)

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Rookie seasons are hard to adjust to in the NBA. Jayson Tatum has been getting his knocks in this year, the most recent of which came on Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets.

With a breakaway late in the third quarter and the Boston Celtics leading by 11 points, Tatum went up for an attempt at the rim with Trevor Booker trailing.

Booker was hustling, but didn’t actual contest Tatum at the rack.

That’s when this happened:

It looks like Tatum went up for the dunk, then decided he was too far away to clear the ball.

Meanwhile, we got a little giggle from this game. The Celtics beat the Nets for their 13th straight victory.