Joel Freeland, Shawne Williams ejected for headbutting each other near end of Blazers-Pistons (VIDEO)


The game was essentially over, with the Blazers up 21 points on the Pistons with just 1:05 left. But to Detroit’s Shawne Williams, there was evidently something worth fighting for.

The nonsense began when Myers Leonard appeared to give Williams a shove in the back. Williams had words for Leonard, but got even more upset when Joel Freeland chimed in to stick up for his teammate.

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Williams gives Freeland a little headbutt, Freeland retaliates in similar fashion, and the two were ejected from the contest.

Freeland’s reaction can be seen in the clip below.

Russell Westbrook receives flopping warning for play against the Clippers (VIDEO)


Russell Westbrook became the latest player to get tagged with a warning for violating the league’s anti-flopping rules, for this play that occurred during his team’s loss to the Clippers.

Westbrook flailed and attempted to exaggerate contact on a three-point attempt, when there didn’t appear to be much contact at all.

It’s honestly hit or miss in terms of when the league will deem it necessary to step in, and while Westbrook certainly tried to game the system here, his acting job isn’t nearly as egregious as some others we’ve seen, yet the penalty remains the same.

DeAndre Jordan hits first career three-pointer against Mavericks (VIDEO)


Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan may not be the defensive player of the year, despite how strongly his head coach argues for him to receive the honor.

But his overall game has been impressive nonetheless, and Friday night against the Mavericks, Jordan added an offensive achievement to his long list of defensive ones.

It looked good the moment it left his hands — even though it was his first made attempt from beyond the arc in eight total attempts, as Jordan is now in his seventh NBA season.

Paul George on possibly returning to Pacers this season: ‘I’m on the fence’


When Paul George went down with a horrific leg injury over the summer, and when Lance Stephenson left the Pacer in free agency, a dismal year for Indiana was to be completely expected.

While it certainly started off that way, the team has been playing much better lately, and the Pacers are right there in terms of being in position to finish the regular season by earning one of the final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

George knows he’s an All-Star when healthy, but also knows it’ll take some time to get his groove back in terms of his ability to contribute at the level he’s accustomed to. For that reason, he’s questioning whether or not he wants to come back this season, even if he finds himself fully healthy enough to do so.

From Matthew Glenesk of

When asked directly, George paused, took a thoughtful breath, and said while he still wants to return, he doesn’t want to risk jeopardizing the Pacers’ recent strong play, which has seen the team win seven straight and 13 of their last 15.

“I’m on the fence,” said George, who was injured playing in a scrimmage for Team USA on Aug. 1. “Part of me is (thinking), they’re playing so well, they’ve come together, to shake up the chemistry and add another body, another player in there … I don’t want to be that guy that destroys what these guys have going.

“On the other hand, there’s a part of me that’s like, ‘I can definitely help.’ It’s a difficult point in my role right now, but we’ll take it day-to-day.”

Make no mistake — when George is ready (and deemed ready by the coaching staff), he will return just as soon as possible.

While his humility is nice, the Pacers aren’t going to do any damage in the playoffs without George in the lineup — and the organization knows that.

Lakers release statement on passing of Los Angeles sports media legend Joe McDonnell


If you lived in Los Angeles and followed the local sports scene at all at any time during the last 30-plus years, you undoubtedly knew who Joe McDonnell was.

A fixture in the L.A. sports media scene, McDonnell was widely known and beloved throughout southern California, by both fans of the sports he covered and team personnel alike.

As news of McDonnell’s passing began to circulate on Friday, the Lakers issued a statement, with key members of the organization expressing the reasons he will be missed.

Jeanie Buss:

“For more than 35 years, Joe has been a regular at Lakers games and press events. Known for his quick wit and strong opinions, Joe’s love of and support of the Lakers has always been appreciated. Over all these years, our players, coaches, and staff have enjoyed working with and knowing Joe. He will be sorely missed.”

Mitch Kupchak:

“Although Joe was opinionated and brutally honest in his coverage, I always felt he was knowledgeable and fair. He loved covering sports in our beloved city, and had a presence at every major sporting event.  As both a player and executive, I enjoyed working with Joe since I arrived in town in 1981. I will miss seeing him at our games, practices, and press conferences.

As someone who grew up in Los Angeles hearing McDonnell’s coverage over the years, this news hits very close to home. The fact that an organization with the stature of the Lakers feels the need to comment on it just shows how ingrained McDonnell was into the L.A. sports scene.