Author: Brett Pollakoff

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four

Boris Diaw surprises himself by hitting buzzer-beating circus shot in Game 5 win over Clippers (VIDEO)


Game 5 between the Clippers and Spurs essentially came down to a single possession — which makes some of the other plays that took place late in the fourth quarter that much more monumental.

This one from Boris Diaw certainly qualifies: a turnaround, one-legged fadeaway to beat the shot clock buzzer with less than three minutes to play.

It was so crazy, it even surprised Diaw himself.

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WATCH: Chris Paul called for questionable technical foul late in Clippers’ Game 5 loss to Spurs

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Clippers

Following a tough Game 5 loss to the Spurs on Tuesday, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers lamented the amount of calls from the officials that he believed were incorrect, and went against his team.

“I don’t complain much,” Doc Rivers said. “I thought we got some really tough calls tonight. Some brutal calls. The travel on Blake (Griffin), the goaltend on Matt (Barnes), which wasn’t a goaltend. You think about the playoffs, and they’re single-possession games. Those possessions those were crucial. J.J. (Redick’s) foul that got him (fouled) out, J.J. didn’t touch anyone.

“It’s not why we lost, but those were big plays for us.”

And he didn’t even mention this one — a technical foul on Chris Paul for making a crisp pass to the official following a Spurs made basket.

“I thought if anything, (the technical foul) was a delay of game,” Paul said after the game. “In the other 82 games, it would have been a delay of game but they didn’t call it.”

Touching the ball after a made basket — even just to get it quickly to the nearest official — is indeed usually a delay of game warning in most situations.

Unless, of course, Paul said something inflammatory as he whipped the pass.

But whether he did or he didn’t, it was just one of many crazy plays that helped decide a critical Game 5, in what might be the best series we get throughout the entirety of the postseason.

Tim Duncan rejects Blake Griffin in final minute of Spurs’ Game 5 win over Clippers (VIDEO)


The Spurs came away with a critical Game 5 win over the Clippers on Tuesday, and in a contest that came down to the final few possessions in order to be decided, Tim Duncan made one of the game’s most important defensive stops.

Blake Griffin received the pass from Chris Paul in the lane, and with Duncan guarding DeAndre Jordan, who was positioned on the baseline near the basket, Griffin believed he’d be able to elevate and get the shot up, somewhat uncontested.

Duncan, however, met Griffin at the top of his shot to come away with the clean block, and managed to keep Jordan at bay with his off hand at the very same time.

Boris Diaw grabbed the steal once the ball was back in Griffin’s hands closer to the floor, and the Spurs were off and running in the other direction.