Steve Kerr emailed fans who were angry he rested healthy stars against Nuggets


Adam Silver has plans to address the league’s brutal 82-game schedule, and may look to do so as soon as this upcoming offseason.

But in the meantime, with the travel involved in back-to-back games in different cities or stretches where teams are forced to play four games in five nights, resting perfectly healthy players has become an increasingly popular strategy.

The Warriors were the latest team to try it, resting Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala for Friday’s contest in Denver, in advance of a home game against the Knicks the very next night.

Some fans were unhappy, having spent money on tickets or driving a long way specifically to see a healthy Golden State team in action, and Steve Kerr took the time to respond to a few angry emails he received, saying he completely understands the reaction.

From the Associated Press:

One of the emails Kerr received was from a family that drove from South Dakota to the Mile High City with high hopes of seeing All-Stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson lead the Western Conference’s top team. Instead, those two rested along with center Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala. …

“I heard from some fans. I received a few emails, stories about driving in from a long distance off and spending a lot of money on tickets,” Kerr said. “I have great sympathy for those people. I really do. It’s a tricky one. It’s something that I think Adam Silver is trying to address through the scheduling shuffling that he’s talking about.

“It’s real important, because our fans deserve to see the best product out there. If somebody spends a lot of money, they deserve to see the best players, the guy that they came to see. On the other hand, as coaches we have to do what’s best to prepare our teams for a really long year.”

This was my issue when the Spurs started this trend several years ago, which is that fans often times buy tickets to see their favorite teams or players before the season begins, and it’s unfair to them if guys who are healthy enough to play do not, simply due to an artificial need for rest.

But now that the practice has become so prevalent, it’s no longer something to pity the ticket-buyers for.

There are plenty of seats available on the secondary market on game days in most NBA cities, often times at face value or below. It’s unfortunate, but fans now need to be wary of the schedule, and if a team is facing a back-to-back or stretch of four in five nights when coming to town, waiting on that ticket purchase or lengthy road trip is likely the more intelligent option.

Stephen Curry drains long three to beat halftime buzzer in rout of Knicks (VIDEO)

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Stephen Curry’s three to beat the halftime buzzer was nice. It came off of a perfect long outlet pass from Andrew Bogut, and he required zero dribbles before elevating to drain the shot.

But honestly, we could have run any number of highlights from Golden State’s 31-point win over the Knicks on Saturday, because the game was possibly the biggest mismatch of talent that we’ll see in a single game this season.

The Warriors actually trailed early in the second quarter, before things got ridiculous. Golden state scored 47 points in the second quarter alone, and scored 85 in the second and third quarters combined to outpace the Knicks during that stretch by 39 points.

Golden State’s biggest lead was 40 points, and the final margin of victory was 31 — even with the team sitting all five starters for the game’s final 12 minutes.

Rodney Stuckey says Pistons tried to wreck his reputation during free agency


Rodney Stuckey was a serviceable point guard option for the Pistons during his first seven NBA seasons, but when it was time for him to become a free agent, he believes that someone on the team tried to sabotage him.

From Mark Montieth of

Stuckey is a bench player in name only. He’s led the Pacers in minutes played the last two games, and ranks third on the team in minutes per game. He played 36 minutes, 58 seconds against Milwaukee, including all of the fourth quarter and overtime. Call him a reserve if you like, but attach an asterisk to it.

“A lot of people were questioning my character,” he said. “’Oh, he’s not a good teammate.’ This and that. That and this. I’m a great guy. I’m very humble, I come to work each and every day, do my business.”

But someone with the Pistons tried to sully his reputation, he said.

“It’s just unfortunate,” he said. “I’m not going to say names, but I know who it was. It’s just unfortunate for that person to throw me under the bus.”

Stuckey is on a minimum salary deal with the Pacers, and will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

He wants to remain in Indiana, but should have plenty of offers to play elsewhere, too — as long as he isn’t similarly disparaged by a member of the Pacers on his way out of town.

DeMarcus Cousins rejects John Wall at the rim (VIDEO)


John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were teammates during their college playing days at Kentucky, but now that the two are established All-Stars at the NBA level, it’s game on whenever they face one another.

That happened on Saturday, when Wall’s Wizards hosted Cousins’ Kings. And at least on this play, Cousins was able to reign supreme.

Sixers take a shot at Kings’ coach George Karl on Snapchat


Plenty of NBA teams have expanded their social media presence to Snapchat, which is essentially a photo and video messaging service where the things you post are only viewable for a few seconds before they self-destruct.

Unless, of course, someone takes a screen grab of what they are seeing.

That’s what happened to something that was posted to the Sixers account after Friday’s home win over the Kings.


It’s harmless trash talk, nothing more — but if the team thought it would disappear because of the nature of the platform, it may reconsider posting similar remarks there in the future.

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