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Willie Reed to enter diversion program, will lead to battery charges dropped

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Back in August, Clippers’ center Willie Reed was arrested on a domestic battery charge. According to the police report, he and his wife, Jasmine, were arguing and when she tried to take her purse and he tried to take it back, and she was knocked to the ground. She said he grabbed her by the shirt, hair, wrist, and arm. She later asked that the charges against him be dropped.

They will be, after he goes to a diversion program, according to Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Reed’s attorneys David Oscar Markus and Margot Moss released this statement on his behalf to NBC Sports.

”Willie is committed to his family, to improving as a person, and to working hard for a successful season for the Clippers.”

These kinds of diversion programs are common nationwide for first-time offenders where police and investigators do not think this is a chronic situation. The goal of the programs is to teach the offenders the skills and tools necessary to better handle their anger and avoid these situations in the future.

Reed had played with the Heat but signed a minimum deal with the Clippers as a free agent. He has filed a grievance with NBA players’ union saying one of the people named in the NCAA scandal talked him out of re-signing with the heat, costing him $13.5 million.

Warriors pose for photos with Jahlil Okafor’s dad’s ‘FREE JAH’ shirt

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Jahlil Okafor‘s father has not been shy about speaking out on his son’s behalf. NBA players are advocating for the 76ers to grant Okafor, who’s out of the rotation and on an expiring contract, his desired trade or buyout.

When both join forces…

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry appear to really enjoy Chukwudi Okafor’s shirt. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily calling on Philadelphia to do anything. But they hadn’t to know how it’d be perceived.

It’s easy to predict free agents will avoid the 76ers as a result of the Okafor situation, but few anticipate getting stuck similarly. Players overwhelmingly value money, winning, role and location. If Golden State’s stars are applying any external pressure, it shouldn’t really move Philadelphia more than anything that has already been said and done.

A couple of Lonzo Ball’s triple-double assists look dubious (video)

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Lonzo Ball draws outsized attention because his father, LaVar Ball, lures onlookers and because the rookie plays for the high-profile Los Angeles Lakers.

So, when Lonzo gets a triple-double – like his 11-points, 16-rebound, 11-assists game against the Nuggets yesterday – it draws scrutiny.

Mo Dakhil of The Jump Ball:

The NBA defines an assist as a “pass that directly leads to a basket. … An assist can be awarded for a basket scored after the ball has been dribbled if the player’s pass led to the field goal being made.”

I wouldn’t describe either of those passing as leading directly to a basket. Ball’s teammates each hold the ball for a moment after receiving the pass then take two dribbles against set defenses.

But assists are subjective, and the Lakers aren’t alone in offering a home-court scorekeeping advantage.

Kyle Neubeck of Philly Voice

So, criticize/laugh at the Lakers. But your favorite team probably manipulates assists in its favor, too.

Robin Lopez and T.J. Warren exchange contact, heated words (video)

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Robin Lopez whacked T.J. Warren in the head while chasing an offensive rebound. Warren didn’t like that, so he ran to the opposite end of the court and shoved Lopez to the floor. A heated confrontation ensued, though it didn’t escalate beyond yelling.

Warren received a flagrant foul, and Lopez was hit with a technical in the Suns’ 113-105 win over the Bulls.

Lakers blow 5-on-1 fastbreak (video)

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Corey Brewer is better at finishing fastbreaks than leading them.

Nice defense by Emmanuel Mudiay, too.

But at least the Lakers won.