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Steve Kerr on Warriors’ reported Kevin Durant-Thunder complaints: ‘It’s nobody with the Warriors’


The Warriors were reportedly “furious and bewildered” about how Thunder ownership and management treated Kevin Durant upon his return to Oklahoma City last month.

For a moment, let’s set aside whether or not that’s true. Who would leak that and why? I see two scenarios:

  • The Warriors have their heads so far up their collective behinds, they thought leaking that would support Durant without making themselves look bad.
  • Someone, realizing how poorly this would reflect on Golden State, revealed the mindset.

The result was obviously the Warriors looking bad. Now, Golden State coach Steve Kerr is doing some damage control.

Anthony Slater of The Mercury News:


I don’t agree. Sam Presti is a friend of mine. I know Clay Bennett. It’s a class organization all the way. So, I don’t really pay any attention to a story like that unless there’s an actual name that’s put on it.

I assume it’s just sources? Is it sources?

I don’t know who that is. It’s nobody with the Warriors.

We have great respect for the Thunder. Sam has been a friend of mine forever. They’re first-class. So, I don’t know where that comes from.

Can Kerr really speak for everyone in the organization with such certainty? Even if he could, would he necessarily tell the truth about a story that makes his team look ridiculous?

Kerr’s denial means something, but only so much.

Magic’s Aaron Gordon skies to finish amazing alley-oop (VIDEO)

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Aaron Gordon may not have had the best dunk contest this year โ€” apparently drones and dunks don’t mix well โ€” but the guy can still get up and finish with the best in the league.

As he did on this alley-oop against Detroit.

Elfrid Payton had to throw a lob that would get over Andre Drummond, but how many guys in the league can get that high, reach back and finish that? Damn.

Former Hawk Pero Antic’s celebration accidentally punches teammate in face in Eruoleague (VIDEO)

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Former Atlanta Hawk Pero Antic is now playing for Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahce, in case you were not aware.

Fenerbahce was facing Anadolu Efes in a EuroLeague game, it was tight late and former NBA player Ekpe Udoh was at the free throw line for Fenerbahce. He missed his second shot, but the rebound caromed out-of-bounds off an Anadolu Efes player. Antic was pumped.

Maybe a little too pumped.


That was Nikola Kalinic, by the way, the guy Antic now owes dinner to. Kalinic would like the dinner more than the hug and kiss he got from Antic right after the play.

Also, Anadolu Efes held on to win 80-77.

(Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie.)

James Harden helped recruit Lou Williams to Houston

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The Lakers had been shopping Lou Williams around in the run-up to the trade deadline, the only question was would they get a first-round pick for him. Rumors around the league say that Houston had offered them one weeks before, it was on the table, but the Jim Buss/Mitch Kupchak front office held their cards close and hoped a better deal would come through.

While all that was going on James Harden decided to ease the process and did a little recruiting calling up Williams, the sixth-man guard told Shams Charania of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

โ€œWhen James called, he asked me if I was interested in playing with them,โ€ Williams told The Vertical. โ€œI told him that I loved the Lakers, but James and them have a group that fit my personality, fit how I play. He said he was going to make it happen.โ€

Williams then laughed, sitting on the edge of a visiting court following a recent practice. โ€œIโ€™ve heard that before, so I didnโ€™t really put stock into it,โ€ Williams told The Vertical. โ€œI guess James did put the word in, and the team made it happen.โ€

We all know what happened, Jeanie Buss removed her brother and Kupchak a few days before the trade deadline, Magic Johnston stepped in, called around, and quickly pulled the trigger on a trade that sent Williams to Houston (the Lakers also got Corey Brewer). Williams has averaged 14.5 points per game and had some strong performances with the Rockets, although he’s still finding his groove with the team on the court. Still, he’s been an upgrade for the Rockets’ bench.

Harden knew he would be, so he did his part to make sure it happened.

Take a look back at just how great Shaq was with the Lakers (VIDEO)


Shaquille O’Neal was as dominant a force as the NBA has ever seen.

His peak years came with the Lakers, when paired with Kobe Bryant one the court โ€” and Phil Jackson manipulating both of them โ€” they won three titles (and arguably would have had more if they stayed together). Those Lakers teams were one of the NBA’s great teams.

Friday night, the Lakers unveil Shaq’s statue at Staples Center. Take a look back at some of Shaq’s Lakers highlights.