Clippers Austin Rivers bumps referee, gets ejected; angry Doc Rivers quickly follows


Midway through the second quarter of a game where his team was getting blown out, the Clippers’ Austin Rivers drove the lane, got bumped while in the air, missed the shot but kind of stumbled over toward the baseline referee, J.T. Orr.

Then Rivers seems to turn and push Orr — not hard, but he made contact, and to me it appears intentional (at least from the one camera angle). Intentional contact is an automatic double technical and ejection — which is exactly what Rivers got. Orr saw the contact as initiated by Rivers, and not because he was stumbling from the play. Rivers was hot, and security had to guide him off the court and to the locker room.

Father/coach Doc Rivers didn’t like that, and promptly got himself ejected for arguing the call.

It’s the holidays, it’s nice that the Rivers family got to spend a little quality time together in the locker room. Just hanging out.

Without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin for the night, the Clippers were getting run out of the building by the Rockets.

Grizzlies fan absolutely owns kids halftime scrimmage (video)

AP Photo/Brandon Dill
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The Grizzlies lost for the 15th time in their last 16 games, a 25-point drubbing at home against the Heat, last night.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in Memphis.

This young fan – while playing in the halftime scrimmage – stopped his dribble, stepped on the ball, whipped off his youth jersey to reveal a Marc Gasol jersey, flexed, re-started his dribbled then drove for a basket.

Matt Ellentuck of SB Nation:

The Grizzlies don’t deserve this hero.

DeMarcus Cousins pushes Trevor Ariza after whistle, gets technical foul (video)

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For better or worse, DeMarcus Cousins is moody.

Just after getting dunked on by Clint Capela, Cousins showed his frustration by pushing Trevor Ariza after a whistle. The Pelicans center got his NBA-leading ninth technical foul – automatic suspension triggered at No. 16 – but I’m surprised this didn’t escalate beyond just that.

Paul George floors Jeremy Lamb with crossover, hits step-back 3-pointer over him (video)


The Thunder suffered a rough home loss to the Hornets, but at least Oklahoma City produced a couple fun highlights.

Not only did Russell Westbrook have this powerful dunk, Paul George put the moves on Jeremy Lamb.

David West pump fakes past one Trail Blazer, posterizes another (video)

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David West is 37 years old.