Cavaliers top Warriors in thriller. Again.


The venue changed. So did the stakes. A very important player entered the equation.

But sixth months after their incredible seven-game NBA Finals, Warriors-Cavaliers once again ended with Cleveland players enveloping their star in jubilant hugs along the baseline as the buzzer sounded.

Kyrie Irving – who replaced LeBron James as the center of postgame attention – hit a heavily contested fadeaway over Klay Thompson with 3.4 seconds left to give the Cavs a 109-108 win an an instant Christmas classic.

Though this was only one regular-season game – Golden State won both regular-season matchups with Cleveland and 73 games last year – both teams played with incredible intensity in this budding rivalry. As much as both teams will downplay the significance, this was no ordinary regular-season game.

“It’s Christmas,” said a beaming Irving, who had 25 points, 10 assists, seven steals and six rebounds.

The Warriors nearly played Grinch. But just as they blew a 3-1 lead in last summer’s Finals, they blew a 14-point fourth-quarter lead and a three-point lead with the ball and 45 seconds left today.

Richard Jefferson ignited Cleveland by dunking on Kevin Durant in the fourth to end an 11-1 Golden State run – especially because Jefferson then received a technical foul for winking at Durant:

Jefferson’s dunk over Klay Thompson later in the period required no additional taunting:

By that point, the Cavaliers were right back in the game, and their confidence only grew.

LeBron James – who finished with 31 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and two steals – dunked as if he were trying to tear down the entire hoop:

Draymond Green, who spent most of the game threatening to get a second technical foul and got a technical last week for hanging on the rim too long, held up his palms in bewilderment. What would it take for the Warriors to get a break against Cleveland?

They thought they answered that question last July.

Their league-altering newcomer excelled today. Durant scored 36 points, another excellent Christmas performance by the former Thunder star. He kept Golden State clicking as Curry started slow, and the question that hovered over the entire season gained prominence: How will anyone stop these Warriors? Stop one of their MVPs, and you still have to contend with the other.  Golden State won the first, second and third quarters. And it’s not as if Curry just disappears. His 3-pointer untied the game with 1:14 left.

But, a possession later, Irving stole the ball and drove for a layup. Then, came a little controversy.

The Warriors’ penultimate possession ended in a clear shot-clock violation, but officials reviewed it anyway – giving the Cavs, who were out of timeouts, a chance to diagram a play. Golden State also subbed out Curry during the stoppage, which seemingly shouldn’t have been allowed and made it easier for Thompson to guard Irving. (Update: The NBA says the 24-second violation made a sub permissible.)

But Irving still hit the big shot against the Warriors – his second in two matchups, dating back to Game 7.

On Golden State’s final chance, Durant stumbled with the ball, and time ran out.

Welcome to the rivalry, KD. The Warriors’ talent keeps falling short against Cleveland’s perseverance.

That could change, of course. These teams face each other again in Oakland on Jan. 16. They could also meet in an unprecedented third straight finals.

After this hard-fought, exhilarating contest, that’d be a delight.

No motivational material: LeBron James, Cavaliers respectful when asked about Warriors

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The rubber match. The trilogy. Whatever you want to call the historic third meeting between the Cavaliers and Warriors in the Finals — never in NBA history have two teams met three years in a row in the Finals — it’s what fans have been waiting for. The inevitability of this Finals matchup sucked some of the drama and fun out of the postseason so far, but now these two teams are ready to go.

It’s the best rivalry in the NBA, two teams not afraid to mix it up with each other, but when Cavaliers players were asked about the Warriors after eliminating the Celtics Thursday night, there was nothing but respect.

“We just got to play defense,” LeBron James said in a televised postgame interview. “We’re going to face adversity. That’s been the best team in our league the last three years, and they added an unbelievable player in Kevin Durant this year, so that makes it even more difficult. So they’re gonna challenge us a lot: offensively, defensively, mentally, physically, but we’re going to have to be ready for that challenge.”

LeBron stuck to that theme in his postgame press conference.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not really in the right mind to even talk about Golden State right now. It’s too stressful, and I’m not stressed right now,” LeBron said cracking a smile. “Golden State, they’ve been the best team in our league the last three years, then they added an MVP. That’s all I can give you right now, because I’m happy and I don’t want a lot of stress, and they cause a lot of stress.”

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said he had yet to start any prep for the Warriors.

“Of course I watch every game, because I’m a basketball junkie, and they’ve been playing great,” Lue siad. “But you can’t get too far ahead of yourself.”

“The Celtics and Brad Stevens, the team they have, they throw a lot of different lineups at you and a lot of different stuff on the offensive end, so as far as how they play I think it definitely prepared us for what’s ahead,” Kevin Love said, discussing how the Celtics prepped the Cavaliers for the next round.

The Cavaliers are veterans on this stage, and they both respect the Warriors and don’t need the distraction of a war of words, so they stayed on message all night.

But with a week to go before Game 1, you can bet someone will say something inflammatory. We’re looking at you, Draymond Green.

Watch 36-year-old James Jones throw down a putback dunk vs. the Celtics (VIDEO)

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LeBron James is on his way to his 7th-straight Finals after the Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics, 135-102, in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday night.

The game was out of hand from the beginning, with the Cavaliers scoring a franchise playoff high 75 points in the first half.

At one point in the fourth quarter, Tyronn Lue emptied out his bench and we got to see some of the Cavaliers garbage time guys get run. One of those guys was James Jones, 36, who has been around so long he was a rookie with Reggie Miller in Indiana.

He also dunked!

Via Twitter:

Let’s all just bask in the glory that is that putback dunk and in our little vacation until the Finals start on June 1.

LeBron James, Cavaliers advance past Celtics to meet Warriors in 2017 NBA Finals


Let’s line it up and run it again. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are going to meet in the 2017 NBA Finals after LeBron James and the Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics in Game 5 on Thursday, 135-102.

It wasn’t much of a contest from the outset as Cleveland looked determined to put away their opponent. The Cavaliers played strong, shot well from 3-point range, and forced the Celtics into 18 turnovers over the course of the game.

The Cavaliers set a franchise playoff record in the first half, scoring 75 points in the first two periods. LeBron had 20 before the third quarter started, putting him just inches away from passing Michael Jordan to top the list for most points scored in NBA playoff history.

That moment came in the third quarter, with James dropping in a sweet 3-pointer from the left side of the arc to push him past Jordan. LeBron finished the game with 35 points, going 4-of-7 from 3-point range will adding eight assists, eight rebounds, and three steals.

Kyrie Irving was another bright spot for the Cavaliers, scoring 24 points to go along with seven assists. Kevin Love added 15 points, and Deron Williams had a rejuvenation off the bench with 14.

For Boston, yet another game without Isaiah Thomas forced their offense into stagnation. Avery Bradley — who had a considerable series in an effort that should not be overlooked — scored 20 points on 10-of-20 shooting. Gerald Green was Boston’s second-leading scorer in a bench role, adding 14 points.

Now we get to wait until June 1, when what seemed an inevitability way back in training camp has indeed come to pass. The Warriors get their shot at redemption after the worst breakdown in NBA playoff history, and the Cavaliers get a chance to solidify themselves over their peers and galvanize LeBron’s position as the best player of a generation.

The Finals don’t start for anther week. We’ll all be champing at the bit to see if Cleveland really does have what it takes to guard the Warriors offense. Likewise, a top defensive team in Golden State will need to prepare themselves for the LeBron that showed up against the Celtics in Game 1 and 2.

LeBron James on passing Michael Jordan: “I fell in love with the game because of Mike” (VIDEO)

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LeBron James passed Michael Jordan for most points scored in NBA playoff history on Thursday night during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win over the Boston Celtics, 135-102.

After the game, LeBron and his teammates took to the podium to speak on their accomplishment of making it to yet another Finals as they settle in for a rematch with the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron was humble about his accomplishment, crediting Jordan for driving him to play the game of basketball as well as shaping his own game.

“I wear the number [23] because of Mike. I think I fell in love with the game because of Mike,” said James. “When you’re growing up and you’re seeing Michael Jordan, it’s almost like a god.”

James and the Cavaliers will take on the Warriors in Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals on June 1.