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Potential new Clippers’ logos for a Steve Ballmer world


It’s a new day for the Clippers — the energy sucker that was Donald Sterling is gone and the exuberant, high energy of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is in. This is great for the Clippers because they have an owner that spends, wants to win and cares. He will fit in great in Los Angeles.

But in the tech world this has caused some snickers. Ballmer’s stage presence at Microsoft events was described this way at “Leaping inelegantly on any stage he graces, part nightmarish leprechaun and part psychotic wildebeest, Ballmer is comic, tragic, comic and, finally, simply terrifying.” Ballmer is not exactly loved in that world.

Now he’s the guy in charge of the Clippers. Microsoft has had some branding and image issues, that led the readers at Gizmodo to come up with some pretty funny potential new Ballmer-friendly Clippers logos. We’re passing a few along.

The top one was my favorite, it actually did laugh out loud.






James Harden: “I am the best player in the league. I believe that.”

James Harden, Stephen Curry
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James Harden was the MVP last season — if you ask his fellow NBA players.

The traditional award (based on a media vote) went to Stephen Curry (in the closest vote in four years), and that was the right call (in my mind). But from the time it happened Harden did not buy it. And he still doesn’t buy it. In the least — and he’s using that as fuel for this season. That’s what he told Fran Blinebury over at

“I am the best player in the league. I believe that,” he said. “I thought I was last year, too.”

Well, it’s a more realistic claim than Paul George’s.

“But that award means most valuable to your team. We finished second in the West, which nobody thought we were going to do at the beginning of the year even when everybody was healthy. We were near the top in having the most injuries. We won our division in a division where every single team made the playoffs.

“There’s so many factors. I led the league in total points scored, minutes played. Like I said, I’m not taking anything away from Steph, but I felt I deserved the Most Valuable Player. That stays with me.”

That’s very Kobe Bryant of you to turn that into fuel. Defining the MVP Award is an annual discussion that nobody agrees on.

I could get into how Harden was the old-school, traditional stats MVP, how that ignores how Steve Kerr used Curry, and how that opened up the Warriors’ offense to championship levels. Curry put up numbers, but he was also the distraction, the bright star that Kerr used to open up looks for Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and others. Curry’s strength was not just what he did with the ball in his hands, but his gravity to draw defenders even when he didn’t. Did the Warriors stay healthier than the Rockets? No doubt. Should Curry be penalized for that?

It’s simple for Harden — if he can put up those numbers again, if he can be the fulcrum of a top offense, he will be in the discussion for MVP again. And, if he can lead the Rockets beyond the conference finals, nobody will talk about that MVP snub anyway.