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Carmelo Anthony to meet with Knicks today – in Los Angeles


Carmelo Anthony’s free agency tour had planned stops in Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles. The Knicks also believed they’d get the final meeting.

Well, he’s met with the Bulls, Rockets and Mavericks and is meeting with the Lakers today.

That leaves only the Knicks.

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

This sounds like a bit of a power play on Melo’s part, forcing the Knicks to fly across the country when he toured every other city.

But maybe Phil Jackson is already in Los Angeles. Remember, when the Knicks hired Jackson, a big topic was how much time he’d spend in New York rather than California.

The only drawback for Jackson and co. is they can no longer Photoshop Melo into a Knicks jersey on the Madison Square Garden marquee. I heard that was going to be their big pitch.

Really, Melo already knows what the Knicks offer. Because they had him under contract, he met with them before free agency began. I doubt much has changed since.

Melo originally planned to decide on a team by the second week of the month, but this could accelerate the plan.

Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal:

Soon, this process will end, and the NBA can stop waiting on Melo and LeBron James.

It can wait on only LeBron.

Kings’ Karl admits mistakes in DeMarcus Cousins trade controversey

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In the NBA, elite players have the leverage. It is just simple supply and demand.

DeMarcus Cousins is an elite player — and a favorite of owner Vivek Ranadive. He is not going anywhere.

Which made this summer’s “George Karl wants trade Cousins” a battle the coach couldn’t ultimately win — the owner wasn’t going to sign off on it, and the fans are going to side with Boogie. Remember Karl said he never had a player that was untradable, and that spiraled into reports Karl probed trade options with other teams, much to the frustration of management and Cousins himself.

Karl owned up to some of his mistakes in an interview on Comcast Bay Area, as reported by James Ham at

“To be honest with you, I apologized to DeMarcus for making the trade comment that I’ve never coached a player that’s untradeable,” Karl told Christensen. “That was wrong for me to say, because you all (the media) took it and blew it up into crazy.”

“But it’s my responsibility to be smart enough to not say things like that,” Karl continued. “So I did apologize because I thought that was the only thing, maybe some other things, but really the only thing that got us separated was that comment that then everybody wrote the we’re going to trade [Cousins].”

The relationship between Cousins and Karl — not to mention Rajon Rondo and other veterans — is the biggest key to the Kings’ season. Karl and Cousins say their relationship is solid now, but what happens when that is put under stress at some point during the season?

In talking to people around the team, the Kings players seemed to have formed a tight bond — even if part of the glue of that bond is a distrust of Karl that can work for them. This is a team that has the talent to compete for the bottom couple playoff seeds in the Western Conference, but everybody needs to be pulling on the rope in the same direction. We will see pretty quickly if the Kings can do that.

Pistons reveal “Detroit Chrome” alternate uniform


I’m a fan of the Pistons’ alternate uniforms in general — their “Motor City” ones may be may favorite alternates around the league.

Now they have a new one — Detroit Chrome.

The Pistons will break these out for seven home games this season. From the official release:

The inspiration for the Detroit Chrome jerseys came about as a way to honor our coolest cars from the past and the cars of the future. Detroit is universally known as the auto capital of the world, where chrome leaves an indelible mark on the cars we create. The uniforms feature a matte chrome base color with clean simple lines inspired by the classic muscle cars that have roared up and down Woodward Avenue for decades. The navy trim and Detroit emblazoned across the chest represent the blue collar work ethic that the auto industry and region was built on.

Clean, simple, cool — I like it.

That would look good in the first round of the playoffs, too. (I’m predicting they get the eight seed.)