Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala breaks Quincy Miller’s ankles. Badly. (VIDEO)


There are crossovers, and then there are crossovers.

You’re not going to see one used to greater impact than what Andre Iguodala did to Quincy Miller midway through the first quarter of Golden State’s game against Denver.

Iguodala was pushing the ball up in transition and Miller was trying to pester him. Iggy went behind the back to create space, then crossed over Miller and just dropped him. Hard.

That may be the best crossover of the season. Certainly in the top handful.

Chris Bosh with between-the-legs pass to cutting Dwyane Wade (VIDEO)

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Miami is going to be a lot of fun to watch this season (if they can stay healthy).

They’ve got athletic, active players who want to run, who move off the ball, and they have good passers. For example, watch Chris Bosh go between the legs to Dwyane Wade in the Heat’s preseason game Sunday.

Bosh had 14 points, and Wade had a dozen, but Charlotte won the exhibition.


Blake Griffin pre-game dunk knocks down shot clock

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The Clippers went north of the border to take on the Raptors in an exhibition game, but it was on the West Coast of Canada in one of the world’s prettiest cities — Vancouver. The two played at the Rogers Arena.

Where, they may want to upgrade the shot clocks behind the backboards. Watch over the shoulder of the Clippers announcers as Griffin dunks in warmups.

Notice that DeAndre Jordan loves this.

Nice to see Griffin dunking like his old self again. If you want another view, the NBA retweeted this.