DeQuan Jones

DeQuan Jones doesn’t like NCAA’s Manziel ruling


DeQuan Jones played four years at the University of Miami, but he wasn’t really considered an NBA prospect. That said he got in with the Magic and hung with them last season, getting in 63 games and being a regular part of the rotation. Not a good part, really, but part. Then the Magic drafted Victor Oladipo and that was basically it for Jones, the Magic let him go and he has still not signed with another team.

But that’s not why we’re talking about him.

As noted, Jones was a four year player at Miami, but he missed part of his senior season because of an NCAA investigation into Nevin Shapiro and his role with the university’s athletic department. As the story goes an assistant basketball coach told Shapiro they needed $10,000 to give to Jones so he would come to Miami, but Jones knew nothing about this and didn’t take the money, the NCAA found. Of course, this being the NCAA,  it took a long time to make their ruling and Jones missed the start of the season.

So while you and I were just laughing at the NCAA when it’s ruling to suspend Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for a half came down, Jones was pissed. And said so on twitter (hat tip to The Sporting News for finding this):

At this point, does anything the NCAA does surprise you?

Greg Smith fails physical, will not join Pelicans

Greg Smith
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With both starter Omer Asik and backup Alexis Ajinca out injured for the rest of the preseason (and maybe a little longer), the Pelicans are looking for a center to put next to Anthony Davis for a stretch. That could include a handful of regular season games.

Greg Smith was going to be that man, but the 24-year-old failed his physical, reports the Times-Picayune.

The New Orleans Pelicans were set to sign power forward Greg Smith, but sources said Friday night that he failed his physical examination and will not be joining the team.

And so the search goes on.

The problem is, there are not quality big men still out there on the market, there is a limited supply and just about anyone worth having is spoken for. A few with non-guaranteed contracts may be waived as we get closer to the end of training camps, but that is likely a couple of weeks away.

With both Asik and Ajinca expected back in a few weeks, it’s not worth making a trade or some big move to bring in a center, the Pelicans are just going to have to live with what is out there.

Kevin Durant with huge dunk on visiting Fenerbahce Ulker

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Welcome to America, Fenerbahce Ulker.

The Turkish powerhouse was in America playing some exhibition games this preseason, and they got a first-hand reminder that Kevin Durant is back. KD had 13 points in the Thunder’s easy 111-81 win.

Not to be outdone, Russell Westbrook got in on the act.