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Donte Greene signing with Nets on hold due to ankle surgery


That whole Donte Greene has reached a deal with the Nets thing has fallen apart.

And when a player’s agent is being vague, it’s never a good sign.

Which brings us to this tweet from Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports:

Greene’s expected signing with Nets this week now on hold due to pending surgery on ankle “with some type of fracture, “Chris Luchey tells Y!

Luchey is Greene’s agent and if he is saying it is “some type” of fracture I’d be a little worried. And the fact this was a non-guaranteed contract is not good news for him even if he had signed it.

Greene had spent his career in Sacramento not finding good footing in the constantly-shifting sands of that franchise. He needed a new start, a new chance. This is a big set back for him.

Mark Cuban suggests supplemental draft for undrafted free agents

Mark Cuban
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A lot of people around the NBA have ideas to improve the draft, free agency and the D-League, and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never been shy about sharing his. His latest idea seems pretty logical: a supplemental draft for undrafted free agents.

Via Hoops Rumors:

“I would have a supplemental draft every summer for undrafted free agents of the current and previous 3 years,” Cuban wrote in an email to Hoops Rumors. “If you are more than 3 years out you are not eligible and just a free agent.”

The supplemental draft would have two rounds, and teams would hold the rights to the players they select for two years, Cuban added. Players can opt out and choose not to make themselves eligible, but those who get picked would receive fully guaranteed minimum-salary contracts when they sign, according to Cuban’s proposal.

“That would make it fun a few weeks after the draft and pre-summer league,” Cuban wrote. “It would prevent some of the insanity that goes on to build summer league rosters.”

It’s an interesting proposition. Most undrafted players who sign during the summer don’t get guaranteed contracts, so when deciding to enter this supplemental draft, they would have to weigh the value of having guaranteed money versus getting to decide where they sign. It’s unlikely that anything like this could happen anytime soon, because of all the hoops to jump through to get the league and the players’ union to sign off on it, but it’s a worthwhile idea that deserves some consideration in the next CBA negotiations.