Miami Heat v Boston Celtics

Boston would like to state for the record that they are not too old, are still a contender, and you should not mess with them


In Boston’s 92-71 win over Miami on Sunday, the Celtics opened the game and took their will to live. Rajon Rondo decided from the outset to destroy the Heat and did so, slicing in-between and through the Heat. There’s a lot to be said about Miami’s effort, cohesion, and generally disturbing level of terribleness. But let’s talk about Boston.

The Celtics put up a 100 efficiency against one of the better offenses in the league, and in the third quarter posted a 127 offensive efficiency and, wait for it… held Miami to a 50.5 offensive efficiency. That’s horrific. That’s terrible. That’s terrible in every way for Miami. And it’s how Boston ripped them apart.

Boston was phenomenal in its execution, finding open spots consistently. They targeted Joel Anthony early and often, relying on his inability to rotate effectively to get to the rim. Rondo found teammates open on the perimeter, open underneath, open cutting to the lane. It was a massacre.

Is Boston saved? Is this the team that will be there in the playoffs? Can they make one more run with the Big 3?

It’s a tall task. They had everything go for them Sunday, and everything fall apart for Miami. This was their finest performance of the season, and this was without Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus. But there will be questions about their effectiveness in the playoffs. Remember, there will back-to-back games in the playoffs and on those old legs, it might be an issue. But what Sunday says is that Boston can do what they need to in order to find their confidence. In reality, they need to believe they are better than they are. That’s when Boston’s dominant. They have to convince themselves they have an edge over whoever they’re playing, regardless of who the more talented team is.

Boston was talked about as done, that they needed to blow it up. One game doesn’t change the concerns, and they could very well go on a three-game losing streak now.

But one thing is certain. As opposed to Miami, Boston shows up when it needs to. If they’re going out, they’re going out tying.

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PBT Extra bold prediction previews: Clippers ready to win West?

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With our PBT Extra videos, we are previewing the entire NBA by using bold predictions, starting in the Pacific Division (we already did the Warriors).

Some of those predictions come from fans on Twitter where I had sent out a request, including the bold prediction for the Clippers.

It could happen, they are certainly contenders. But two things need to happen.

The big one is their defense, which was middle of the pack last season, needs to move into the top 10 (and DeAndre Jordan needs to play consistently like a guy who is third in Defensive Player of the Year voting).

Second is the new and improved bench unit of Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith, and Jamal Crawford (he’s not new) need to mesh into a unit. Those are three guys who like to create for themselves and make questionable shot choices, getting them play well with others could be a bumpy road.

Stephen Curry gives high five while his shot is in air (video)

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Stephen Curry said the defending-champion Warriors would have no problem picking up where they left off.

His swagger certainly remains intact.