New York Knicks v Miami Heat

Amar’e Stoudemire out Saturday with ankle sprain


Funny thing about super-teams. If one of the role players gets hurt, you’re have an issue. If two are hurt, you are in trouble. If two role players and a star go down? Major problems. And the Knicks have major problems.

Amar’e Stoudemire will miss the Knicks’ game in Sacramento versus the Kings Saturday night with a sprained ankle, according to the New York Post. Stoudemire tweaked it on Thursday versus the Lakers when he got tangled up with an opponent and rolled it. He finished that game, but of course the ankle swells afterwards and then hurts like a sonofagun, so this isn’t surprising. The Knicks need Stoudemire, though, on a losing streak and struggling mightily with offense. Stoudemire’s offense has been impacted by having Carmelo Anthony run point forward, with his usage significantly down as well as his production.

Without Stoudemire, expect for the game to turn into a pretty sluggish affair, though it may speed up the Knicks a bit. DeMarcus Cousins could have a big night if Tyson Chandler is otherwise occupied with keeping Chuck Hayes off the glass.

Either way, without Iman Shumpert and Baron Davis, the Knicks, a painfully thin team, will be even thinner without their best/second-best player. More shots for Melo, though!

C.J. McCollum ejected for flagrantly fouling Gordon Hayward (video)

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I’m not sure C.J. McCollum meant to grab Gordon Hayward‘s neck. The 6-foot-8 Hayward elevated, and the 6-foot-4 McCollum just might not have been able to get high enough to make a play on the ball.

But McCollum did grab Hayward’s neck.

It was a dangerous and unnecessary play, especially in the preseason.

Report: Mavericks may be team interested in Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders
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The Dallas Mavericks are looking for a center— desperately at times, they brought JaVale McGee into training camp to get a look. They will start Zaza Pachulia and behind him it’s probably Samuel Dalembert once he gets healthy.

Which is why Dallas may be the team interested in Larry Sanders — Mark Cuban is a guy known for giving second chances in the league. But there have been no talks, yet, reports Tim MacMahon at ESPN.

Larry Sanders has been out of the game since his buyout last February trying to deal with his personal demons and may well not be ready to return. He may never return.

His couple seasons with the Bucks were filled with drama and issues. There was the nightclub brawl left him with an injured thumb in need of a surgery. There were the charges of animal cruelty. There was a five-game drug suspension. There was missed time for personal reasons. There was the 10-game suspension for marijuana use (he failed at least four tests to get there) — then that suspension was extended past the 10 games. In the end, he agreed to a buyout to get space away from the game to deal with his personal issues.

He may or may not be ready to return from that. He may or may not ever be ready. But if he decides to give it a try, NBA teams will be waiting. Maybe Dallas.