Not shown: hair on LeBron's forehead.

LeBron says he wouldn’t not take himself in a one-one match with Kobe that will never happen. Yeah, you read that right.


Look, I get the need for grammatical correctness. I do. But there are times in which the double-negative more aptly describes the sentiment being expressed. Yes, technically, the correct version would do the same For example.

I don’t not want pancakes.

I want pancakes.

In both instances, the subject is expressing a desire for pancakes. But the difference is that one is denying a state of disapproval for something, while the other expressing a distinct desire for said pancakes.

So when LeBron says “I’m not going to not take myself against anybody,” that’s a lot different from “I will take myself over anyone.” One is a statement of belief that you would take whoever you were playing one-on-one. The other is an expression that you’re not going to short yourself or go in lacking belief in yourself. It’s just more accurate for him to say that. The mindset is “No one can beat me,” versus “I can beat anyone.” It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Oh, and by the way, maybe not ask him the question anymore. Yeesh, Lebron. Chill out, Mr. Man.

Dumped by Heat, Shabazz Napier hits game-winning 3-pointer against Miami (video)

Shabazz Napier, C.J. Watson
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After only one season, the Heat gave up on former first-rounder Shabazz Napier – sending him to the Magic in a salary dump.

Napier got some revenge by hitting the game-winning 3-pointer in Orlando’s 100-97 win over Miami.

It’s only the preseason, but Napier had to feel great about that shot.

Report: Matt Barnes texted friend that he beat up Derek Fisher, spat in wife’s face

Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes, Russell Westbrook
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Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes reportedly attacked Knicks coach Derek Fisher for dating his estranged wife, Gloria Govan.

New details are emerging, and they cast Barnes in an even worse light.

Ian Mohr of the New York Post:

Sources told The Post that Barnes became incensed when his 6-year-old twin sons, Carter and Isaiah, called to tell him that Fisher was at the house.

Following the dust-up, Barnes, 35, texted a pal that he had not only assaulted Fisher, 41, but also took revenge on Govan, one source said.

“I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face,” the text read, according to the source.

If this becomes a criminal case, Barnes’ text could incriminate him.

In the court of public opinion, the presence of Barnes’ children and his spitting in his wife’s face make this even more disturbing.

Unfortunately, not everyone views it that way. Too many are laughing off the incident.

Albert Burneko of Deadspin had the best take I’ve seen on this situation:

When an accused domestic abuser shows up uninvited at a family party to—as a source put it to the New York Post—“beat the shit” out of someone for the offense of dating his ex, that is not a wacky character up to zany shenanigans. It is not reality TV melodrama or a cartoon or celebrities being silly. It is the behavior of a dangerous misogynist lunatic. It is an act of violent aggression. It is a man forcefully asserting personal property rights over a woman’s home, body, and life. It differs from what Ray Rice did in that elevator by degree, not by kind, and not by all that much.

I suggest reading it in full.