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John Wall gets booed at pro-am game, drops 36


John Wall went to play in his old back yard Wednesday night, and the fans ripped him.

Wall played in the North Carolina’s SJG Pro-Am in Durham (he grew up in nearby Raleigh) and got booed. A lot.

I don’t get it. Wall seems a genuine, down to earth guy (in my limited dealings with him anyway) who does charity work and keeps his nose clean. And he can flat out ball — he went off for 36 in the game (his team still lost). Did he talk some smack? Damn straight, it’s a pro-am, everybody’s talking. Not sure why boos rained down on him because of it.

But Wall heard them. He tweeted about it.

Heard a had a lot of booo’s and haters out there tonite…but thanks y’all give me more motivation to keep workin…Thanks

It amaze me what I try to do for my hometown and get treated…but that’s how it goes in life…Glad I know who my fam,brovas and real Friends are…luv ya”ll we on the way to the top

Here’s the video, you get to hear some of the boos — I still don’t get it — and watch some good ball. Check out the ally-oop finish at the 1:05 mark.

Dwight Howard played through torn MCL and meniscus in playoffs

Dwight Howard
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Dwight Howard hasn’t exactly been healthy in recent years. He missed half of last season with various injuries, including a two-month stretch from January to March after undergoing a knee procedure. On Thursday, he told a Houston radio station that the knee problems continued after that, and he had torn ligaments and cartilage during the Rockets’ Western Conference Finals series against the Warriors:

It’s a little alarming that we didn’t hear about this until now. Sometimes these injuries can heal without surgery, but Howard can become a free agent next summer, so you would think he would want to get any lingering issues addressed ahead of time. Considering his age (he’ll be 30 in December) and his injury history, this isn’t a great sign. A healthy Howard is the difference between the Rockets being a legitimate title contender and an als0-ran, so hopefully these problems are behind him and he can stay healthy this season.

Report: Trevor Booker suspended one game for Hibbert altercation

Trevor Booker
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On Tuesday night, Jazz big man Trevor Booker was ejected from a preseason game against the Lakers for taking a swing at Roy Hibbert during a scrap.

Now, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Booker will be suspended one game for the hit, meaning he’ll miss the Jazz’ October 28 season opener against the Pistons:

Considering he was already ejected, a one-game suspension seems about right.