Devin Harris, Zach Randolph, Tony Allen

PBT Tuesday morning one liners (non-‘Melo trade rumors edition)

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The Atlanta Hawks have interest in Devin Harris. They should. They should have interest in any point guard that doesn’t suck.

Dallas and Portland also have interest interest in Harris.

Cleveland is thinking trades and thinking long-term picture.

Terrance Williams wants out of Houston.

The Bulls worked out four D-League guys who could step in and help at the two guard.

Fascinating story about Portland’s Patty Mills, whose mother is an Aboriginal Australian and was part of “The Stolen Generation” there. This is great sports writing.

Dwight Howard says he and Andrew Bynum are the last of a breed.

Doc Rivers response when asked about the lack of good centers in the NBA: “Seven years ago everyone was saying there are no point guards in the league…”

The man who inks All-Stars. One of the more interesting posts out of All-Star weekend.

Might Dwight Howard do the dunk contest next year in Orlando?

Deron Williams wants to avoid the same drama Carmelo Anthony has gone through.

The Lakers may get Matt Barnes back sooner rather than later. And they miss him.

Manu Ginobili doesn’t picture himself being anything but a Spur the rest of his career.

What would constitute a good season for Golden State?

USA Basketball may have to pick the 2012 Olympic roster without having a tryout camp.

A jewelry store is suing the Hawks Joe Johnson over $74,000 in unpaid bills.

Gordon Hayward goes behind Jordan Clarkson’s back with dribble

Gordon Hayward, Nick Young
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Utah’s Gordon Hayward abused the Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson on this play.

First, Hayward reads and steals Clarkson’s poor feed into the post intended for Kobe Bryant, then going up the sideline he takes his dribble behind Clarkson’s back to keep going. It all ends in a Rudy Gobert dunk.

Three quick takeaways here:

1) Gordon Hayward is a lot better than many fans realize. He can lead this team.

2) It’s still all about the development with Clarkson, and that’s going to mean some hard lessons.

3) Hayward may have the best hair in the NBA, even if it’s going a bit Macklemore.

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Could Tristan Thompson’s holdout last months? Windhorst says yes.

2015 NBA Finals - Game Five
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VIZZINI: “So, it is down to you. And it is down to me.”
MAN IN BLACK nods and comes nearer…
MAN IN BLACK: “Perhaps an arrangement can be reached.”
VIZZINI: “There will be no arrangement…”
MAN IN BLACK: “But if there can be no arrangement, then we are at an impasse.”

That farcical scene from The Princess Bride pretty much sums up where we are with the Tristan Thompson holdout with the Cleveland Cavaliers, minus the Iocane powder. (Although that scene was a battle of wits in the movie and this process seems to lack much wit.) The Cavaliers have put a five-year, $80 million offer on the table. Thompson wants a max deal (or at least a more than has been offered), but he also doesn’t want to play for the qualifying offer and didn’t sign it. LeBron James just wants the two sides just to get it done.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN thinks LeBron could be very disappointed.

Windhorst was on the Zach Lowe podcast at Grantland (which you should be listening to anyway) and had this to say about the Thompson holdout:

“I actually believe it will probably go months. This will go well into the regular season.”

Windhorst compared it to a similar situation back in 2007 with Anderson Varejao, which eventually only broke because the then Charlotte Bobcats signed Varejao to an offer sheet. Thompson is a restricted free agent, meaning the Cavaliers can match any offer, but only Portland and Philadelphia have the cap space right now to offer him a max contract. Neither team has shown any interest in doing so.

And so we wait. And we may be waiting a while.