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Report: Nuggets may have interest in Anthony Randolph from Knicks. Really?


Every report that comes out of New York about a possible deal the Denver Nuggets like enough to send Carmelo Anthony to Madison Square Garden is just harder to believe than the last one.

I have no doubt that “a person with knowledge of the Nuggets’ thinking” told the respectable Alan Hahn of Newsday this latest tidbit — that the Nuggets may ask for Anthony Randolph in a trade. Hahn did not make that up, someone he knows and trusts enough to print it told him that.

That doesn’t mean it makes any sense.

What you would need to believe is that what the Nuggets — who rejected a deal involving Wilson Chandler, Landry Fields and the expiring contract of Eddy Curry — really want is a guy who Don Nelson found frustrating and who can’t get off the bench for Mike D’Antoni. Honestly, I could see the Nuggets taking the talented Randolph in a deal just as a flyer, but he is not a deal changer.

No way they want Anthony more than the first-round pick that Anthony can bring. (If he can really bring a first rounder — if everyone knows the Knicks need a first rounder for Randolph then their leverage slips.)

Knicks fans are bound to take offense at this (because they are Knicks fans). So let me explain — I’m not saying Chandler and Fields and Danilo Gallinari are not quality assets. They can be good role players in the right system (and they may be in that system). I’m saying the Nuggets don’t want them. And if they don’t want them, no way Anthony Randolph is some sort of deal changer.

And so, the stalemate stage of the Carmelo Anthony trade saga continues.

Tony Parker wants to play six more seasons with Spurs

Tony Parker
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Tony Parker revealed a plan nearly two years ago to play until he’s 38.

Coming off his worst season since his rookie year, the Spurs point guard is sticking to that goal.

Parker, via Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports:

“The Spurs know I want to play until I’m 38,” Parker told Yahoo Sports in a recent phone interview. “That will be 20 seasons for me. That’s my goal. This year is No. 15. And if I’m lucky enough and I’m healthy, hopefully I can play 20 seasons and then I’ll be ready to retire.”

That seems pretty ambitious, no matter how you handle the conflicting math. (Parker is 33. If he plays 20 seasons, he’ll spend most of his final season at age 39 and turn 40 during the playoffs.)

Parker is already showing signs of slippage. Many of his key numbers were down last season, including ESPN’s real-plus minus, where he quietly slipped from 12th to 67th among point guards.

But Gregg Popovich is very liberal with resting his players, and Parker won’t have to carry too much of the load. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will probably retire before Parker, but the Spurs will still have Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s possible Parker lasts that long.

Report: Pelicans signing Greg Smith

Greg Smith
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The Pelicans starting center, Omer Asik, is injured.

Their backup center, Alexis Ajinca, is injured.

Enter Greg Smith.

Scott Kushner of The Advocate:

Smith was part of the Rockets’ 2012-13 rotation, but otherwise, he has seen limited minutes in his four-year career with Houston and Dallas. In that small sample, he has looked alright. The 6-foot-10 24-year-old uses his big frame and massive hands to catch passes and finish efficiently near the rim. He has also become more disciplined defensively.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the regular-season roster behind the 13 Pelicans with guaranteed salaries.

But it’s also possible New Orleans signed him just an extra preseason body. That’d beat relying too heavily on the aging Kendrick Perkins and undersized Jeff Adrien at center. Anthony Davis is the Pelicans’ best option at center with Asik and Ajinca sidelined (and maybe even with them healthy), but the biggest drawback to playing him there is the injury risk. If Davis is going to deal with the banging at center, might as well save it for games that count.

Still, even New Orleans plans to keep Smith only through the preseason, this at least gives him a chance to impress.