T.J. Ford, Jim O'Brien talk it out in Indiana

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Thumbnail image for tj_ford.jpgOutside of wherever Larry Brown is coaching at any given time, it’s hard to have a more strained relationship between a coach and point guard then there has been in Indianapolis.

Jim O’Brien started then benched T.J. Ford several times. Ford did not execute the up-tempo, pick-and-roll heavy offense as well as O’Brien liked. But Ford was still the best option so O’Brien would go back to him. There was tension felt throughout the organization.

It was widely expected Ford would be moved this summer. Didn’t happen. The Pacers talked about buying out the last year of Ford’s contract, but he didn’t want to make $3.5 million less this season (he will make $8.5 million this season, the Pacers tried to buy him out at $5 million). They came to an uneasy truce. The Pacers went out and got Darren Collison to be the man at point, Ford became a backup.

Then finally Ford and O’Brien sat down and talk, according to the Indianapolis Star.

“It was a conversation that we needed to have because we had prolonged it for so long,” Ford said. “It’s not like we didn’t like each other; we were both being stubborn.

“At the end of the day, we all need each other. I need the organization. I need coach O’Brien and coach O’Brien needs me. Everybody needs each other to make this a good working environment.”

Ford has been good about his move to the bench — maybe in part because he is in the last year of his deal and he knows guys who are good sparks off the bench get paid.

“My role here is to be here coming off the bench, creating a spark, playing hard and teaching these young guys,” Ford said. “It’s a challenge that I’m up for.”

If he is really up for it, the Pacers are going to be a much improved team this season.

LeBron James swats Thaddeus Young on yet another chasedown block (VIDEO)

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LeBron James is The King, but he’s also the king of chasedown blocks in the NBA. During Sunday’s Game 4 matchup with the Indiana Pacers, the Cleveland Cavaliers star dropped the hammer yet again on an unsuspecting opponent.

The victim this time was Pacers forward Thaddeus Young, who was out on a 2-on-2 break with LeBron trailing.

To be honest, Young should have known better than to try this.

Via Twitter:

Cleveland completed the series sweep on Indiana with the win, 106-102.

Robin Lopez helpfully stopped to tie Jae Crowder’s shoe (VIDEO)

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Why did Robin Lopez tie Jae Crowder‘s shoe during Sunday’s Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls? We may never know. Perhaps he was just helping the Celtics forward after he tossed him to the ground? Or maybe he’s just doing weird Robin Lopez things?

In any case, Lopez helpfully stopped to tie Crowder’s shoe after it came off during a battle down low early in the third quarter at United Center.

Here’s how it went down.

Via Twitter:

I still have no idea.

Noticeably frustrated, Russell Westbrook gets prickly with reporter after loss to Rockets (VIDEO)


The Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets played an ugly game down the stretch on Sunday. The Rockets employed a hack-a-Andre Roberson strategy, while the Thunder played sloppy and often poorly with Russell Westbrook out of the game.

The latter was the subject in question when Oklahoman reporter Berry Tramel spoke with Westbrook and Steven Adams at a postgame press conference following the Game 4 loss, 113-109.

Tramel’s question — whether the Rockets got a boost when Westbrook was off the floor — was directed at Adams, but the Thunder MVP candidate couldn’t let it go.

Snapping at Tramel, Westbrook told him not to split them up.

Via Twitter:

Tramel’s question is legitimate, and one of the overarching themes of this series thus far. Westbrook’s response is pretty far off the mark, but it did tell the story of how he’s feeling going away from Chesapeake Arena down 3-1.

Game 5 is on Tuesday in Houston.

Kevin Love throws full court pass to LeBron James for sweet and-1 bucket (VIDEO)

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Kevin Love and LeBron James were locked in an epic battle with the Indiana Pacers during the first half of Sunday’s Game 4 playoff matchup. Part of that matchup included yet another long, full court pass between the Cleveland Cavaliers duo.

Love, as you might guess, was the passer and LeBron was again the receiver.

The play came in the final minute of the second quarter, with Love nabbing a rebound from the right block and LeBron jetting down the floor.

Love’s pass was perfectly placed, and Paul George just didn’t have the strength to keep him from getting the and-1.

Cleveland completed the series sweep on Indiana with the win, 106-102.