Eddy Curry already out four to six weeks. Mike D'Antoni not stunned.


nba_curry_250.jpgUPDATE 5:54 PM: It took three days into camp for the Knicks to say Curry would be out four-to-six weeks with injured hamstrings. He will not be joining the team in Europe for preseason games. A whole continent is depressed.

What is the under/over for games Curry plays in this season? Three?

11:14 am: Eddy Curry sat out Monday’s Knicks practice with tight hamstrings. And the beat goes on.

9:00 am: You’d say Eddy Curry was disappointing, but to disappoint there would have to be expectations.

Shockingly Curry has not lived up to what limited expectations there might have been, according to Alan Hahn from Newsday. That starts with him showing up weighing well over 300 pounds, a sign he was not doing a lot of conditioning this summer.

Perhaps that explains why he dragged himself through a conditioning drill at the end of Saturday night’s practice and then stepped out of a conditioning drill at the end of Sunday’s practice…

Curry apparently had some tightness in his hamstrings, which means for the third straight year he couldn’t finish two straight days of training camp…

“It’s not going to make me raise my eyebrows,” Mike D’Antoni said, “because he hasn’t played in three years.

This is a new, rebuilt Knicks team that is about optimism, about changing the face of the franchise. Curry is the final anchor to the past. Curry will make $11.3 million this season. It wouldn’t be a shock to see him traded mid-season, as an expiring contract. But Curry needs to save that money because this will be his last big deal (or likely any deal ever).

Dwight Howard crushes Kristaps Porzingis with dunk (video)

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Sometimes – as Kristaps Porzingis sees against Dwight Howard – it’s more flattering just to play James Harden-level defense.

Marc Gasol heads ball into basket after drawing foul (video)

Marc Gasol
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This was not Marc Gasol‘s first attempt to head in the ball after a whistle, but this time, he converted.

Here was his January try:


James Harden’s defense: Stop and point while opponent flies to rim (video)


As Rockets general manager Daryl Morey once noted, cherry-picking James Harden‘s worst defensive plays to create a video is unfair. Many players would look awful by that measure.

But Harden provides serious ammo for these worst-of videos.

This non-attempt to stop Lance Thomas is just brutal.

At least Houston buckled down to beat the Knicks, 116-111 in overtime. The Rockets have climbed to 26th in points allowed per possession.

Jerry Colangelo says Kobe Bryant could still make 2016 U.S. Olympic team

Kobe Bryant, Zachary Stinson
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So, Kobe Bryant‘s NBA career is officially going to come to an end after the 2015-16 season. That part he announced on Sunday.

What’s still up in the air is Bryant’s participation in one last Olympics. Bryant has been in consideration to make Team USA this summer at the games in Rio de Janeiro, and USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo tells ESPN.com’s Marc Stein that he hasn’t ruled that out yet:

Kobe was asked about this at his post-game press conference Sunday and said it was not a goal, but if it was offered he’d consider it.

“I’d be honored if that was there, it would be fantastic to be around that group and spend kind of the last journey with them,” Bryant said. “That being said, it’s not something that I’m obsessing over.”

‘When Bryant made it known that he wanted to play in Rio, he made it clear to Colangelo and Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski that he wanted to earn a spot, not be given one as a lifetime achievement award. Watching him so far this season, it’s almost impossible to imagine him making the roster on merit.

But nobody should begrudge him if he wanted to extend the farewell tour just a little bit longer.