Steve Nash, catch and shoot guy? Welcome to the new look Suns.

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Thumbnail image for nash_game6.pngThe unorthodox Phoenix Suns are going to be even more unorthodox next season.

It’s a matter of necessity after the roster shakeups this summer, with Amare Stoudemire out and Hedo Turkoglu and Josh Childress in. They will be smaller, faster, and have a new spot-up shooter in Steve Nash. Don’t take my word for it, that is what coach Alvin Gentry told XTRA 910 in Phoenix.

“I think for Hedo to have Steve Nash out there and for Steve Nash to have Hedo out there, you’re talking about a guy, he really is a facilitator Hedo is and we will put the ball in his hands. For the first time since I’ve been here we can use Steve as an off the ball shooter which he is great at. Probably one of the top five shooters in the league, but we just never had the opportunity to put him in that position.”

Yes, Nash is a pretty good catch-and-shoot guy. According to Synergy sports, Nash had 93 shots last season as a spot-up guy and shot 39.7 percent from three (slightly below his overall 42 percent, but still dang good) and he averaged a very good 1.12 point per shot attempt. Most of his spot ups — 69 percent — were from three.

Also expect Gentry to try some wild lineups to see what works.

In our case we’re going to have to [really develop chemistry] because we’re going to be a small team, there are going to be rebounding situations, there’s going to be rotation situations because we’re about ten or eleven guys deep. So all of that is going to play into it. As we go into the season and into training camp those are the things that are going to be on our mind.”

PBT Extra bold prediction previews: Clippers ready to win West?

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With our PBT Extra videos, we are previewing the entire NBA by using bold predictions, starting in the Pacific Division (we already did the Warriors).

Some of those predictions come from fans on Twitter where I had sent out a request, including the bold prediction for the Clippers.

It could happen, they are certainly contenders. But two things need to happen.

The big one is their defense, which was middle of the pack last season, needs to move into the top 10 (and DeAndre Jordan needs to play consistently like a guy who is third in Defensive Player of the Year voting).

Second is the new and improved bench unit of Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith, and Jamal Crawford (he’s not new) need to mesh into a unit. Those are three guys who like to create for themselves and make questionable shot choices, getting them play well with others could be a bumpy road.

Stephen Curry gives high five while his shot is in air (video)

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Stephen Curry said the defending-champion Warriors would have no problem picking up where they left off.

His swagger certainly remains intact.