Ron Artest is not a good dodgeball player

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Yes, that is Ron Artest playing with Team Zankou Chicken in a Los Angeles dodgeball league game (thank you Brothers K at the Land O’ Lakers for finding this). Don’t believe me, follow the link to his entrance.

Yes, that is Ron Artest getting eliminated by a skinny guy with a beard and a sidearm throwing motion. Watch the other videos and you’ll see that Ron Artest, while a very good basketball player who came up huge in Game 7 for the Lakers, is not built for dodge ball. He drops more balls than Roy Williams and his arm couldn’t get him a second base tryout for the Dodgers. Plus, in a sport where the goal is evading the ball, being a 6’7″, 250-pound target is not ideal.

A couple other notes.

Zankou Chicken is really, really good.

Dodgeball is a surprisingly big time sport in Los Angeles. This was fro the Melrose “A” Mazing league, but there are many others as well. ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz dragged me back out to the court after a Clippers game this season to watch two West Hollywood games going on (they rented the space) and it was impressive. There was strategy, guys and girls with good arms, and a lot of fun being had.

The question is, can Ron Artest dodge a wrench? Because if you can dodge a wrench…

Kevin Durant blocks Dejounte Murray twice on one shot (VIDEO)


Kevin Durant was doing it all in the first half — he had 18 points to lead the Warriors (tied with Stephen Curry) and was making plays all over the court.

That includes racing back on this play and blocking Dejounte Murray‘s layup. Twice. On one shot.

The Warriors have led by 20 and been in control through the start of the third quarter. KD was at the heart of that.

Draymond Green flops to sell call, Gregg Popovich just laughs

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That was a foul. Jonathan Simmons caught Draymond Green in the face as he reached in.

But the delayed then overly-dramatic reaction by Green is a classic flop.

We’ll see if the NBA fined Green for this, but Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich was amused.

Spurs’ LaMarcus Aldridge nails three from one knee during warmups (VIDEO)


Take that Stephen Curry.

Gregg Popovich would pull him so fast he’d look like a fidget spinner if he tried this in a game, but during warmups before Game 4 Monday night LaMarcus Aldridge knocked down a deep three from one knee.

If Aldridge is taking a lot of threes that’s not a good sign for the Spurs, but we’ll see if he can have a big night and keep the Spurs alive in this series.

Stephen Curry drains shots from near half court during warmups like they’re layups

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Stephen Curry‘s pregame warmups draw people into the arena early, it’s a show in and of itself.

Before Game 4 Monday night, Curry was taking a couple shots from the center-court logo. And draining them. Like layups. Because he can.

We’ll see if he can put on that kind of show when the game tips off.