DeMarcus Cousins named rookie of the month, despite late drop off


dcousins_summer.jpgTo say DeMarcus Cousins was a revelation at Summer League is to say how far his stock had fallen.

Anyone who watched him at Kentucky knew he could dominate, but the questions about his focus and mental readiness for the NBA had him slip down the draft board. But only to number five and the Kings. Everyone knew the talent was there, and when it got put along side other NBA prospects in Vegas that talent shone through averaging 16.2 points and 10.8 assists.

Cousins was named the T-Mobile Rookie of the Year for July.

Was he better than John Wall? Not necessarily. Wall was named most outstanding player at Summer League, the week’s MVP. Wall averaged 23.5 points (tied for the Summer League lead) and 7.8 assists a game, he looked like a guy who could dominate. In transition he was nearly unstoppable.

But Wall came in with the burden of expectations — I was standing next to an assistant coach of another team at the end of one of Wall’s games and his thought was, “the guy didn’t wow me.” Wall was lightning quick, could get to the rim at will and set up teammates, but there were expectations of more for some.

Cousins didn’t have those expectations — nobody was totally sure what to expect. So he came out a big body that could set a mean high pick, and you saw Tyreke Evans coming off of it next season and started to drool. Cousins banged inside and got rebounds. He showed good footwork. He showed a midrange game. He was a beast that you could see playing in the NBA and playing well.

Well, he showed that for the first half of Summer League. His last three games saw a drop off — he was 9 for 45 shooting in those games. That may have been in part due to his conditioning, which was questioned. He seemed disinterested at times. He blew off coaching suggestions and seemed almost offended they were offered. If he got a bad call he would mentally check out for a stretch. He talked trash to opposing players and refs constantly.

There were plenty of questions asked about how focused he will be on games 5 to 75 of the NBA season. You can talk too much and coast for stretches at Kentucky and get away with it; you can do that at Summer League and still put up big numbers. Do that in an NBA game — even a dull mid-season game — and somebody will have your lunch.

The list of Summer League MVPs is a long one of names you don’t know, punctuated by a few stars. Cousins can and should be one of those stars. His skills could make a big impact for the Kings right away. But he is going to have to prove it, night in and night out. Maybe Evans (who did bring it all season last year) can drag that out of him.

Jason Kidd ejected; shoving match ensues between teams after Kings beat Bucks

Jason Kidd
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Jason Kidd is going to miss a game or three (and some dollars to go with it), and he could not be the only guy in trouble with the league after a tension-filled end to the Kings’ win over the Bucks Wednesday.

There wasn’t a ton of drama at the end of the contest itself. The Bucks played a “defense optional” game that led to 36 points for Rudy Gay and 13 dimes for Rajon Rondo, and the Kings won their first game this season without DeMarcus Cousins (back issue). That frustrated the Bucks to no end.

Jason Kidd expressed that frustration by slapping the ball out of referee Zach Zarba’s hands, a move that rightfully earned him an instant ejection.

You can be sure a suspension is coming for Kidd — the league can’t let that slide. This was not a Budenholzer incidental bump. After the game here is what Kidd had to say.

After Kidd had gone to the showers, there was a little jawing on the court between Cousins (in street clothes) and the Bucks’ O.J. Mayo. That spilled over after the final buzzer into the tunnel, where there was at the very least some jawing, maybe a little shoving, and a lot of security stepping in before anything serious happened.

Whatever happened in the tunnel is going to be a lot harder for NBA disciplinarian Kiki Vandeweghe (technically the vice-president of basketball operations for the NBA) to sort out. Who started what, and did it rise to the level it calls for a fine or more, is going to be tricky, especially since this was out of site of the arena cameras.

Cavaliers stand in middle of Raptors dancers’ routine (video)

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The Cavaliers were ready for their game against the Raptors tonight, and Toronto’s dance team wasn’t going to change that.

The last time I remember something like this happening, Grizzlies guard Tony Allen walked through the Warriors’ kid dancers. This video doesn’t show got the Cavaliers got to that point, but they might have the defense of being there first. Allen definitely didn’t have that.

Wizards score six fourth-quarter points in loss to Hornets

Cody Zeller, Ramon Sessions
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Gary Neal made a jumper with 10:12 remaining in tonight’s Wizards-Hornets game.

That was Washington’s last basket.

Jared Dudley made a pair of free throws on the Wizards next possession, and Neal added two more free throws with 23 seconds left.

And that was all the Wizards scoring in the quarter.

Washington, which entered the final period up seven, lost 101-87 after its 1-for-20 final-period shooting.

The six fourth-quarter points were the fewest by an NBA team in a quarter since Cavaliers scored six third-quarter points in a Jan. 26, 2014 loss to the Suns. Last time a team scored so few in a fourth quarter: Nov. 13, 2012, when the Raptors had five against the Pacers.

At least Neal’s late free throws spared the Wizards further shame. Nobody has scored four or fewer points in a quarter since the Warriors managed just two in a Feb. 8, 2004 loss to the Raptors.

As it stands, this is one of only 44 times in the shot clock era a team has scored so few points in a quarter.

76ers tie NBA-record losing streak, dropping heartbreaker to Celtics

Isaiah Thomas, T.J. McConnell

After a rare period of on-court competence, the 76ers led the Celtics by five with two minutes left tonight.

Then, Philadelphia snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The 76ers yielded a 9-0 run to close an 84-80 setback.

They’re now 0-16. Combined with their 0-10 finish to last season, that’s a 26-game losing streak – tied for longest in NBA history. Last year’s 76ers already shared the record.

Philadelphia is also in danger of the worst start to a season. The 2009-10 New Jersey Nets began 0-18, and last year’s 76ers won only one game sooner.

The 76ers will try to avoid the all-time longest streak at the Rockets on Friday. If that goes unsuccessfully, they’ll try to avoid matching the worst season start at the Grizzlies on Sunday. And if both fail, they could set the worst-start record against the Lakers on Tuesday.

76ers-Lakers – it’s shaping up to be a big one.