NBA Playoffs: We're pretty sure the Celtics beat the Heat so bad they won the series in two games

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Some people, I won’t name names, thought the Miami Heat would not only challenge the Celtics in the first round, but would win the series. Those people look incredibly foolish after the first two games of this series.

(I was very much one of those names.)

The Celtics, without Kevin Garnett due to suspension, thoroughly dominated the Miami Heat, including holding them to their second 10-point quarter in two games and running them out of the building in a 106-77 win Tuesday night.

I really want to provide you with some sort of in-depth analysis. I do. But the Celtics went on a 19-0 run in the second quarter. They did whatever they wanted on both sides of the ball. Ray Allen was automatic, draining 7 of 9 threes, including five in the third quarter. It was a simply dominant performance that Heat coach Eric Spoelstra called “embarrassing” for the Heat.

Big picture, the Celtics did win big in Boston in 2007 before struggling on the road against Atlanta. But this Heat team doesn’t feature anything close to the same level of balance with Al Horford and Mike Bibby that the Hawks had. The Heat may come out blazing in Game 3, but a tone has been set for the series, and that tone is one of Celtic domination.

If you’re Dwyane Wade, debating your future, saying your heart is in Miami, how can you look at this roster, this lineup that scored 10 points in 2nd after scoring 10 in the 4th of Game 1 and think this is the place for you? If Michael Beasley was any further from where he needed to be, he’d be selling carpet in South America wearing jean shorts.

This series isn’t over, but it, more than any other, looks like the most likely sweep of the bunch.

Stephen Curry gets fouled, hits crazy rainbow circus shot vs. Jazz (VIDEO)

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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is a wizard when it comes to shots you don’t think can ever reach the iron. Each time he does something like this, he surprises you even though you should be used to it by now.

But I’m not. The Utah Jazz aren’t. Heck, maybe even Steph isn’t used to it by now.

As Curry was driving down the left side of the floor on Thursday, Shelvin Mack got out of position and wound up trailing the Warriors star. With Curry rounding the pick, Mack reached and earned a foul.

Thinking quickly, Curry then hoisted up a rainbow of a shot that gently kissed the net on the way down.

Curry would go on to make the free throw for the 3-point play.

Watch Karl-Anthony Towns blow by two defenders, posterize Jonas Valanciunas

karl towns
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We’re 21 games into Minnesota Timberwolves C Karl-Anthony Towns‘ sophomore season and it already seems cliche to say that he has guard skills

But, like, he does have guard skills.

There was more evidence of that on Thursday night as the Timberwolves matched up with the Toronto Raptors in Canada.

With the ball near the top of the arc and with the Raptors defense collapsing on the Minnesota guards, Towns saw an opportunity to split the defense and run to the rim with the ball.

Toronto C Jonas Valanciunas slid over to meet Towns at the rim, but there wasn’t much anyone could do.

Spurs’ Pau Gasol goofs, heads toward Bulls locker room in return to Chicago (VIDEO)

Pau Gasol
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Pau Gasol spent two seasons at the United Center with the Chicago Bulls, so it made sense that when he returned as a member of the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday, he would know his way around. In fact, Gasol knows the bowels of Chicago’s home arena so well that he wound up walking toward the wrong locker room as a force of habit.

During the NBA on TNT’s coverage of the game, reporter Allie LaForce showed cameras following Gasol after he said hello to some folks in the tunnel.

Unfortunately, Gasol walked about 15 feet before realizing he was heading to the wrong side.

Maybe it was something of an indicator for the night, as the first few quarters of play between the Spurs and the Bulls were extremely sloppy.

Bucks fans chant “SoundCloud rapper” at Blazers star Damian Lillard

damian lillard
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Damian Lillard had the No. 1 hip-hop album on iTunes. Milwaukee Bucks fans still think he needed to get taken down a peg, so on Wednesday during a game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Bucks, fans in Milwaukee had a message for Lillard.

Well, it was more of a cheer:

Via Twitter:

If you can’t quite make out what Bucks fans are saying, it was pretty simple: “Sound-Cloud rap-per!”

Lillard famously began his rapping career as an NBA player by releasing songs on SoundCloud — a mostly-free online audio hosting site — but he’s now graduated to a big release with professional production and guest spots by industry legends like Lil’ Wayne, Juvenile, and Jamie Foxx. His debut full-length album came out in October and is called “The Letter O”.

The Blazers superstar also started his own label in November.

Still, the Bucks arena experience is pretty great considering the coordinated t-shirts, the Bandwagon Cam, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.