Morrow's present involves sitting, future murky

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Here’s where it stands right now for Anthony Morrow — he lost his job to a D-Leaguer.

To be fair, Reggie Williams is a pretty special D-Leaguer. The guy has game. But Don Nelson had been giving Morrow a lot of minutes until the Memphis game when it suddenly dropped to two minutes. Here’s how you know it’s the coach’s decision — different stories about why his minutes dropped, with the coach trying to give the player a handy excuse. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

(Morrow) seems to have fallen out of favor after playing at least 20 minutes in 16 straight games recently, including seven 40-minute efforts, and averaging 18.7 points during that span. Nelson says tendonitis in Morrow’s right knee limits his movement. Morrow says he is fine.

Either way, Williams has often become the first guard off the bench. Nelson trusted him as the initiator of the offense for long stretches during an 18-point fourth quarter Monday.

For the next three weeks, Morrow is going to basically have a front row seat to NBA basketball. After that… good question.

Morrow is a restricted free agent, with a $1 million qualifying offer out there. That means, the Warriors can have him back for $1 million, or they can let him test the market, and they have the right to match any offer.

The Warriors just signed Williams though for next season, so it’s not like playing time is suddenly going to open up for Morrow in Golden State. We think. I mean, predicting Don Nelson is a fool’s errand.

Morrow’s salary is not a big pill to swallow, especially if Larry Ellison buys the team. He probably has $1 million under the seat in his car.

But the sale of the team makes everything murky with Morrow and pretty much every Warrior not named Curry. A new owner would mean a new general manager, a new coach, and possibly a Knicks-like clearing out of the roster. Maybe the new coach wants to play Morrow, maybe not. If not, a lot of teams would love to take on the talented Morrow.

But until there is some idea of who is pulling the trigger, we might as well pull out a Ouija board and ask it what is going to happen to Morrow. It’s not going to be more wrong than our guesses.

LeBron James with two-handed halfcourt bounce pass for assist (VIDEO)

LeBron James
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Perhaps LeBron James‘ most underappreciated skill has been his passing. He is rightly hailed as the most unselfish superstar of his generation, but being a willing passer is only part of it: he’s also as good at it as any point guard in the league. Case in point: this two-handed halfcourt bounce pass on Tuesday night, finding Richard Jefferson for an easy dunk:

Kobe gets great introduction, loud ovation in Philadelphia

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Kobe Bryant‘s relationship with his hometown of Philadelphia had its rocky sections — the Kobe’s Lakers beat the Sixers in the 2001 Finals, and then Kobe was booed during the 2002 All-Star Game —  but all was forgiven on Tuesday night.

In his final trip to Philly, he was given a framed Lower Merion High School jersey — that’s Kobe’s school, in case you forgot — and it was presented by Dr. J.

Then the fans welcomed him like you see above.

That pumped up Kobe, who scored 13 first quarter points on 5-of-10 shooting, his best quarter of the season.

Rumor: Nets testing trade waters for Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic, Otto Porter Jr.
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If you play for the Brooklyn Nets, and your name is not Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, expect you will come up in trade rumors this season.

First up on the block, Bojan Bogdanovic. The report comes from Mike Mazzeo of ESPN.

Bogdanovic is in the first year of a three-year, $11 million deal, which isn’t bad for a guy playing nearly 25 minutes a night and scoring 8.4 points per game. There is a lot of potential in his game, if developed in the right setting — he’s a good shooter out on the wing who works well off the ball. He seems to have regressed this season, but how much of that is due to the Nets and their guard play (and just generally struggling) is up for debate.

Is there going to be interest in him? Probably. As always, it is about the price, what the Nets will demand. Whether the Nets can get anything back they want is up for debate.

Right now a lot of GMs are testing the waters for players, judging the market. That is a long way from a trade happening. But don’t be shocked if the Nets make a deal or two before the February deadline.

Just a reminder that Joakim Noah would like some more run

Joakim Noah
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Joakim Noah is playing 20.6 minutes a night coming off the bench for Fred Hoiberg and the Chicago Bulls this season.

And he doesn’t like it. He wants more run. He was getting 10 minutes more a night last season under Tom Thibodeau, and Noah wants some of those minutes back. Nick Friedel of ESPN sent out a tweet that was a reminder of just that.

Three thoughts here.

1) Reducing minutes for guys who battle injuries every season by the time the playoffs roll around was one huge reason Fred Hoiberg was brought in to coach the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau was shown the door. This isn’t just Hoiberg, the minutes reduction comes from management. While it is possible Noah’s spot in the rotation shifts (he could start at some point) and he might get a little more run, the Thibodeau era is gone.

2) There are legit reasons for Noah to want to play. First, he is a competitor who doesn’t like sitting. Second, the Bulls’ defense is elite when he plays (allowing 95.5 points per 100 possessions) and the Bulls outscore opponents by 1.3 per 100 when he plays. Finally, Noah is in the final year of his contract and scoring just 3.1 points per game is not going to help him earn more cash in the next deal.

3) Barring injury to another big, don’t expect a change.