Spurs' cursed year continues, Parker breaks hand


It hasn’t been a great year for the San Antonio Spurs. They’ve struggled to integrate new players. lacked the defensive intensity that marked their previous championship contention, and their core veterans have struggled to remain healthy.

No one has more explicitly outlined those problems than Tony Parker, who has missed time with everything under the sun, except STDs and scurvy (probably due to the French cure of horse meat). Plantar fasciitis has demolished his jumper and an assortment of injuries have left him missing regular time. It’s about to get much more regular.

Parker suffered a fracture of his fourth metacarpal in his right hand against the Grizzlies tonight. Dude broke his freaking hand.

As 48 Minutes of Hell notes, Matt Bonner suffered a similar injury and only missed 15 games. But then, Bonner wasn’t shopping for a complete set of ailments to go on his insurance file (collect ’em all!). At some point, Parker may have to be shut down just to get him back to baseline.

There are less than 25 games left in the Spurs’ season, the ones they don’t care about. But if Parker can’t get himself whole again, their huge gamble this season may have been for naught.

At least he gets to go home to Eva to take care of him. I break my hand and I’m still taking out the trash and trying to type with one hand.

Bradley Beal drives around, dunks over Kristaps Porzingis (VIDEO)

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If you’re a Knicks fan, the positive is that at least Kristaps Porzingis tried to make a play.

But he was not going to stop the athletic Bradley Beal with a full head of steam, and the result was a Beal dunking over Porzingis as he tries to block the attempt.

Beal wasn’t sharp, scoring 12 points on 5-of-14 shooting. The Knicks has an efficient Carmelo Anthony and that got them the win.

Carmelo Anthony drops 21 on Wizards in preseason Friday

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We had an efficient Carmelo Anthony sighting in the preseason.

Anthony and the Knicks went up against the Wizards and ‘Melo hit 10-of-15 shots to score 21 points. He also had four rebounds and four assists.

Derrick Williams had 23 points on 11 shots to lead the Knicks in scoring, and New York won 115-104.