Good to know Tracy McGrady is completely delusional about LeBron


Tracy McGrady is getting lots and lots of attention in New York for a guy who is barely able to get time because of injury. But good for him! He’s been quieted by Houston, and now he’s out and wants to soak it in a bit. Good to be chatty, and the media loves them some TMac.

But it turns out McGrady has also had another injury we weren’t aware of, a concussion. Because the only way he’s making the kind of statements he told reporters today he made is if he got whacked in the head with something. Via the New York Daily News:

Tracy McGrady made yet another reference today about recruiting LeBron James to New York.
McGrady told reporters that after the Knicks traded for him two weeks ago he exchanged text messages with LeBron and told him “I’ll see you here next year.”

Okay, let’s throw out the Knicks lack of an attractive championship-caliber roster, their limited abilities under a reduced cap, their lack of a any sort of longterm assets due to trading away or swapping picks for the next three years. Toss all that aside and you still have a problem.

The odds of both the Knicks signing LeBron and then re-signing McGrady, even to a vet’s minimum, are astronomical. The Knicks have to A. convince another max-level player to come play with LeBron just to get James inside the Garden’s lobby, and then B. sign capable, reliable players to surround those two with so that they don’t waste the greatest free agent signing in the history of the NBA. Does Tracy McGrady fit that mold? Does Tracy McGrady fit the mold of a guy who would carry that guy’s bags?

McGrady was once a living legend, capable of dominating the game. Now he’s talking crazy like. The optimism is admirable, if frightfully out of touch with reality.

76ers owner: Brett Brown deserves an ‘A’

Brett Brown
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Only one person in NBA history has coached as many games as Brett Brown and had a worst winning percentage.

The 76ers coach, who sports a 37-127 record, is trumped by just Brian Winters. Winters went 36-148 with the expansion Grizzlies and during interim stint guiding the Warriors.

Brown is entering the third season of his four-year contract, and Philadelphia general manager Sam Hinkie has been mum about an extension.

76ers owner Josh Harris is taking a similar approach, but he also says a lot of nice things about Brown.

Harris, via John Finger of CSN Philly:

“It’s probably not appropriate for me to talk about specifics about what the negotiations are with him,” Harris said during a media conference on Thursday at the team’s training camp at Stockton College.

“I give Brett an A for the job he’s done,” Harris said. “He’s been an incredible player development person, which is what we need at this point in time. He’s a great person to be around. He’s enthusiastic and he’s a born coach and a leader of men. I’m very impressed with Brett and I hope and expect Brett to be around the team for a very long time.”

Brown has done a fantastic job keeping this team engaged through losing and developing its young players. It’s not his fault Philadelphia stinks. Tanking is an organizational decision.

But the 76ers aren’t tanking forever, and soon, they’ll require a different type of coaching.

Is Brown up for it? No idea. He hasn’t had any chance to prove it.

After all he’s done, though, he probably deserves a chance to find out.

Thabo Sefolosha found not guilty

Thabo Sefolosha
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Thabo Sefolosha clearly believed in his innocence.

The Hawks wing rejected a plea deal of only day of community service and six months probation. That probably would have been easier than a trial.

But Sefolosha opted to fight the charges – misdemeanor obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Today, he was vindicated.

Robert Silverman:

Sefolosha, who missed the playoffs due to a leg injury that seemingly occurred during his arrest, has made his case clear: New York police targeted him because he’s black. Given everything else we know about policing habits, that’s certainly believable.

We’ve also seen video of multiple officers literally pulling Sefolosha in different directions and one striking him in the leg with a nightstick. We don’t know what preceded that video, but especially given the information revealed at trial, it’s difficult to justify that use of force.

This verdict probably sets up Sefolosha’ to sue the NYPD.